Most Profitable Export Products From India

Top Most Profitable Export Products From India

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The export business is growing fast and world trade is going higher than before. As a result of this, the Indian market enhanced its economic growth in exports in the last decades. India is distributing various essential goods to other countries or expanding its businesses in foreign markets.

The Most Profitable Export Products From India include pharmaceuticals, petroleum, vehicles, jewellery, and so many others. Here is a guide to the most profitable export business in India and the list of the Most Profitable Export Products From India that are the best products exported from India and made huge profits in terms of foreign currency. If you are planning to establish export businesses in India then you must know about the topmost exported goods that have a huge demand in the foreign market.

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Here is the list of the Most Profitable Export Products From India with the analysis of profitability.

1. Machinery  

Machinery is one of the top export products from India and it is considered as the best export business in India. It is India’s largest industry that deals in manufacturing and maintaining machines for companies and industries. The export rate of machinery increased day by day from India as it includes nuclear reactors, mechanical appliances, pumps, building construction equipment, heavy machines, agricultural tools, and so many others. As it needs huge investment to start the machinery business because it is a kind of large-scale business and it involves heavy cost while exporting. 

2. Petroleum Products

Petroleum products are among the top products for export from India. Developing countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Bhutan have a huge demand for petroleum products. However, petroleum products need huge investment and hard work. India’s top exports include semi-products made of petroleum-like charcoal, coal, wax, coke and many others with huge demand and good margin returns. 

3. Pharmaceutical products 

In India, this industry ranks 10th in the value of global exports. Pharmaceutical products are one of the most important export items from India. This sector has seen better growth and increment over several past decades as it is known as a research-based industry. India is not exported to Western countries like the United States because they already have more advanced pharmaceuticals than India. 

4. Organic chemicals

Organic chemicals are one of the Most Profitable Export Products From India. It contains hydrogen with or without nitrogen, oxygen, and other aspects. India is termed as the 11th biggest exporting country of organic chemicals in the world in this sector Germany is the main market for India and this industry contributes more to the Indian economy. As organic chemicals are widely used in medicine development and lab research. This type of business requires expert knowledge in chemical engineering and it is less costly to export because of the lightweight chemicals so many products of Indian (Products of India) organic chemicals are highly exported to other countries.

5. Textile 

Textile is one of the most profitable export business in India. It is also known as a trump card of India when talking about exports as it is the only industry that has generated high employment in textiles either in terms of skilled or unskilled labourers. The United Kingdom, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, etc. are the top most importing nations of textiles from India. As the textile is a flexible material that consists of natural as well as artificial fibres and it involves apparel accessories, clothing, knitted, etc. Also, India is one of the largest nations in jute production at the international level.

6. Homoeopathy Medicines

Homoeopathy Medicines are the products that India exports to the USA in very high amounts as it has no side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. During the year 2014, the country reported a rise in its export of homoeopathic medicines to western nations. So, if you are thinking of starting your export business, homoeopathy medicines are the best product to export from India to go with that provide health and huge returns.

7. Cereal 

Cereals are one of the best export goods from India as India is a leading exporter of cereals worldwide because India is known as an agricultural driven market that depends on cereals production. India is also a top leading country in rice exporting and UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are the highly importing nations of the Indian rice export business. The government of India has kept extremely competitive prices for their exported items to the importing nations to increase the rice exporting from India.

8. Meat Products

Meat products are one of the Most Profitable Export Products From India with high demand products for export from India, which is one of the high margin export products from India and to gauge its potential you can just look at the top 10 meat exporters in India and their profits. Meat has a huge demand overseas and many of these products do not require much investment but bring huge returns. India is one of the biggest exporters of buffalo meat which has demanded in many countries. Other than that, pork is another product that is exported in large quantities. 

9. Traditional Handicrafts

Indian traditional handicrafts and traditional products are popular across the globe. These traditional handicrafts are available at cheaper rates when converted into Indian rupees and thus exporting traditional handicrafts as the best product for export from India is a profitable option for many as it has a great demand in foreign countries.  Markets like Europe and western countries make perfect locations where they are sold along with online markets providing a high margin export products from India. Traditional handicrafts Export requires less investment but only a good network with local artisans can make it profitable. 

10. Dairy Products

Dairy products are highly exported from India and the milk of various cow breeds is in huge demand in the United States and other countries. One such milk is of Bos indicus cow breed and dairy products made of Bos indicus cows are sold at four times the rate compared to products of local cows. Dairy products like cheese, ghee, and curd add among the Most Profitable Export Products From India providing high margin products to export from India. 

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