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How will Online Website benefit exporters in 2020?

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This is the digital era, and it is ruled by advanced technology and tools. Website is introduced to us for more than a decade, and it will keep ruling the digital world with its numerous benefits and features.

How will online website benefit exporters in 2020?

Doing an import export business is an interesting idea, but have you invested your time, efforts and money in all the segments for growing your business globally?

Well, do you have a website for your import export business?

If you are still not having your website for your export business, then you must get a domain registered straight away! 2020 is all about digitalization, more digitalization and extreme digitalization.

2020 is here, and we must not forget to read or understand the 2020 business trends for the entrepreneurs, startups and organizations. One such business trend is having a professional online webpage or online store for selling your products and services.

Are you an Indian exporter?

If yes, keep reading ahead.

As an Indian exporter, you must believe in expanding your business reach via Website. An online website is key to international trade. Your website is the first store or platform, where your customers will get to read about your export brand and products. Hence, your website needs to be professional, classy and functional.

Exporters need to sell the products online; hence for an exporter, any random website won’t work. A professional and perfect eCommerce website should be your destination. An eCommerce website will serve as the ladder of success to your export business in India.

An eCommerce store for your export business

Online transaction of goods and services = eCommerce website. It is quite easy to understand what an eCommerce website. However, it has numerous website elements that need to be taken care of delivering great results.

eCommerce website demands great designing and development of the platform along with third-party payment integration. A third party payment integration is quite essential for a secure payment gateway, where customers can freely use their digital wallets or electronic payment method for executing the payment.

Considering the website benefits of exporters in 2020, if you have your website, then you can earn 50% more revenue than an exporter that doesn’t have a website to market or sell the product online.

If you are an exporter of garments, your eCommerce website will look something like the below image:

Online Website

(Image Source

Your importers will find it easy to scroll the products on your website, where each product has its description followed by the rate and refund policy. Your importers will find it easy to find the information, and it will bring in more clarity even before the communication begins.

As an import export business owner, you can also hide the rates and display the products to allow the client to reach you directly for the rates. Depending on your business’s nature and protocols, you can customize your website. Isn’t it great to have your business store as per your requirement and niche?

Wrapping Up

2020 is all about emerging trends and technology for the import export business owners, entrepreneurs and EXIM startups. Having your business website will benefit the exporters in 2020 with more sales, more traffic, more popularity and more profit. If you haven’t thought of having your website designed, then you must start chit-chatting with any website development company soon. Because 2020 is all about avoiding procrastination, it is the time to act and win!

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