Start Exim Business Without Products

Need to start EXIM business, but no product on hand?

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An import export business is one of the growing businesses across the globe. Many of us are interested in joining the same industry, but due to one or the other reasons, we keep ourselves deprive of the field. Let’s discuss what is hindering our success growth from entering into the EXIM business. One of the basic questions is that, ‘what product do we have on hand to start EXIM business in India’? ‘Product Selection’ plays an important role,because, without any product idea or import-export of a product, you cannot proceed with the business plan. Thus, the primary thing to enter the EXIM business world is ‘Product Selection’.

Do you want to start EXIM business in India?

When you have determined to start your import export business in India, we help you with the right business strategy and planning. Firstly, in order to select your product, you need not change your technical field. Our experts say that you can help us know your educational or technical interests/experience and on the basis of the same, they will help you with the right product selection. For an, e.g., if you have studied MBA and then you must show your interest in the import-export business of tiles, textiles, etc. to use your educational knowledge in the current field.

Are you looking for agriculture products to start EXIM business?

For your knowledge, India holds more than 30 Export Promotional Councils that help business owners like you to choose from the variety of export products to start your EXIM business in India. The agriculture council of India has its website, which has more than 5000+ export products in the agriculture field. Choosing from any of these products can start EXIM business process for the keen trader. If agriculture is your interest criteria, this website is worth exploring.

Start Exim Business Without Products
Need to start EXIM business, but no product on hand?

Finding trade statistics before choosing any product

It is always helpful to have a glance at the latest trade statistics for choosing the right product for your EXIM business in India. To kick start EXIM business, you can take the database of trade statistics by logging on to This website is maintained by our Indian government in the interest of the export import trade figures and statistics. This is the right platform to get aware about the products that are in good demand in the international market. Also, this website is a useful source for those who want to read about trade promotion details such as foreign trade policies and procedure, trade promotion assistance, etc.

You Can Also View Full Video and Get Information About Product Selection Tips on  Link:

Why Impexperts for choosing the right product to start EXIM business?

An import export business is a lifetime business that can give you great profit earnings with limited capital investment. At Impexperts, we provide knowledge, training and service for setting-up entire EXIM platform for the trader. Nevertheless, we also manage trade services for the clients, who want to start EXIM business directly by contacting us. Our international contacts and experience in logistics management and warehousing will add benefits to your blossoming EXIM career.

To know more about Impexperts and product selection criteria, you can always log on to and get started by placing your queries. We will get back to you to help your business get wings.

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