Cyclone Vayu is here warning importers and exporters at Gujarat Port

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It is a part of import export education that teaches us to be aware of our imports and exports during the cyclones and other natural calamity warnings. The Cyclone Vayu is predicted to hit the Gujarat coast on 13th June. The government rescue agencies will be working on evaluating 3 lakh people and more from the coastal regions of Gujarat, including Diu.

The red alert has issued for Cyclone Vayu on 12th June, 8.30 AM (today).

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When we are in the business of imports and exports, we have to be very alert of these natural calamities and emergencies to prevent our goods from being export or import during the red alerts and storms. This is a vital part of import export education that very few businessmen take advantage of. When you stay alert, you can save your goods from being damaged due to these calamities.

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