India Us Trade Tangle

Collaboration is resolution for India USA trade tangle

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If we look at the figures of the India US trade, it is around USD 142 billion a year. Both the countries must understand that it’s not just about products or exporters or importers; it’s all about keeping the old trade relations between the two countries on stake for the tax and other duties.


India US trade tangle must be sorted


The USA has currently decided to remove India from its list of GSP (Generalized System of Preferences), and this decision might do a lot of damage to Indian exporters in the coming time. India being a developing country, has always enjoyed duty-free exports in the USA since 1975, the Indian American trade tangle must look out for a solution.


The India US trade tangle solution is ‘collaboration’ and ‘discussion’. What is your opinion being an Indian exporter or importer?


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