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India’s rough diamond export rise in 2019

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There is always a conception for the Indian diamond export that India is famous for exporting cut and polished diamonds. People believe that India imports rough diamonds and exports the finished diamonds. But this year in 2019, the Indian exporters have walked an extra mile by increasing the export of rough diamonds. The diamond export of India is rising, and it is fantastic news for the country!

If we believe the sources, India has exported 348 lakh carats of cut and polished diamonds in FY 18.  The figures have increased compared to that of FY 16 and 17. Furthermore, while importing the rough diamonds and exporting the polished diamonds; Indian exporters are re-exporting the part of the rough diamonds; which is almost equal to the polished and cut diamonds exports.

The diamond export of FY 2018:

In the FY 2018, India imported 1,876 lakh carats of rough diamonds and after the polishing and cutting of these diamonds; it has exported 348 lakh carats of finished diamonds. On the other hand, India has also recorded export of 402 lakh carats of the rough diamond after the polishing wastage.

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