Process of Importing Samples

Process of importing samples from a foreign country

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For years in the export import business, it has been considered vital for the importer to demand the importing samples from the exporter to check the quality of the product. The importer cannot just randomly ask the exporter for the samples. There is a systematic process involved in importing samples from a foreign country in export business.

1: Decide upon the sample to be sent for quality check: As per the Importing of bona fide trade, one cannot demand the sample that has a value exceeding 5000 INR. It means in the complete one year; one cannot send or receive more than 15 units of samples (60,000 INR). This strategy is introduced to avoid the risk of non-payment of customs duty through repeated goods and samples.

2: Samples has to be sent legally by considering the documentation agreed between two parties. It cannot be sent as a part of personal luggage, etc.

3: In case of privacy involved in the designs, features; etc. the importer can demand the import of a particular product under the privacy; where custom authority seals the product.

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