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What is the Process of Port Registration for Export in India

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In India, the Modi government’s Make in India campaign has significantly improved imports and exports. India’s exports increased by 9.98% in the financial year 2017-18. In the financial year 2016-17, the total value of goods exported was $ 275,852 million, while in the financial year 2017-18, it was $ 303,376 million. In terms of the country’s current state of the economy, starting an export business can be incredibly profitable. Many exporters’ common question is how to register port? Port registration procedure? So here is an answer to their queries. 

A step-by-step guide to starting documents required for port registration in India is provided below.

Documents Required for Port Registration

  1. PAN Card of Individual Company 
  2. IEC Copy
  3. Copy of GST Registration 
  4. Aadhar Card Copy of Proprietor (Or) Copy of Individuals if Partnership / Limited Company
  5. Adhar Card of Proprietor or Individuals if Partnership/ Limited
  6. Ad Code Letter From Bank
  7. Forwarding Letter Addressed to Assistant Commissioner of Custom Of Desired Port 
  8. Canceled Cheque
  9. Authorization Letter to CHA

Note: This document is required for a first-time port register for export in India.

Below is the required document for the exporter who has done the export and port registration process.

  1. Latest Passes S/Bil From Any Edit Port
  2. Past Shiping Bill From any Edi Port
  3. Balance Sheet of the Previous Year Copy of Last IT Return, VAT, Or Sales Tax Return Filed.
  4. GST Returns for the Latest 6 Months

Follow this guide, and it will be easier to do pro port registration for export, and it will make your process very effective. For more queries or details, please call on +91 9211066888 or contact us IMPEXPERTS

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