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Major Products Export from Baroda Port and Customs House

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Baroda is one of the most beautiful and cultural cities of Gujarat, India. The city is also well known for the export of various products such as copper alloys, refined copper, synthetic organic colouring matter, zinc oxide, screws, bolts, electric insulations, machinery, sacks and bags, gelatine, etc. to name a few.

Major Products export from Baroda

The refined copper and copper alloys (unwrought refined copper) export has been marked as highest in the year 2014 with USD 78.34 Million. The products and figures keep changing every year, depending on demand and supply.

Currently, the US and China trade war has affected many Indian business owners too. Let’s hope that the coming years prove quite interesting and beneficial for Indian exports. Explore your import export career in Baroda by inquiring about our Vadodara import export batches, log on to https://www.gfebusiness.org/import-export-in-vadodara.

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