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Sending export samples to the International buyer: Tips

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Friends, if you are following our Impexperts Video channel, you must have been watching the series of payment terms where our training studio faculty have explained about ‘How to send samples to the International buyer?’

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Sending export samples, simple tips to follow:

First, you need to make sure that the buyer is genuine. You can take help of the ECGC to know about the current status of the International buyer. Secondly, there are certain rules for the samples such as ‘you can send samples within a particular value only’. If the buyer asks for a higher value sample, you can ask about the payment in advance.

You can choose to send the export sample via courier if it is not large and the value is below a certain amount or as per the guidelines. You can contact Impex Mitra on +91 9211066888 for knowing the latest value limit of your export product sample.

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