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Soon, EXIM bank likely to take back 6 grounded Jet Airways planes

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The US EXIM bank is soon starting the proceedings to take back a few Jet Airways planes that it financed. It is believed that if the proceedings for the same are going to begin anytime now, the Indian lenders are on the urge of losing as it is doubtful If they get any right over the aircraft.

The Indian lenders together planned to use 13 collateral Jet Airways planes including 10 Boeing 777s and three Boeing 737s.

The Indian lenders are going to face a big issue for getting the rights over the plane, and this is going to bring the news under mass coverage. Friends, for more news on the import export industry, you must stay tuned with our blogging and YouTube platform. For any doubts or queries, you can contact us at +91 9211066888 or can visit www.gfebusiness.org.

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