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How to become a successful vegetable exporter?

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Introduction of how to become a successful vegetable exporter


Are you planning to set up a vegetable export business from India and are unsure about where to begin and how to become a vegetable exporter? Are you wishing to gain foundational knowledge about the working of an import export business?

Are you a novice in the export industry and wish to make it big? Then we bet you that you are at the right place!

How to Start a Vegetable Export Business?

First of all, let us understand why becoming a vegetable exporter in India is an immensely profitable idea. This is primarily because of the following two reasons:

  • India is an agrarian country, which means that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. India is considered to be one of the highest exporters of fruits and vegetables. Since, the demand for frozen fruits and vegetables is growing owing to immigration and rise of multiculturalism, the vegetable export business in India has become all the more booming.
  • The Indian economy is developing at a fast pace and export business plays a significant role in elevating it.

Having understood the reasons behind starting an export business, let us now have a look at the steps to become a successful vegetable exporter in India. Below mentioned are some guidelines that you can follow:

1. Setup an export firm/ business/ company


The very first step to begin your export business of fruits or vegetables is to setup your firm which may be independently yours or co-partnered. The next most important thing is to decide upon a catchy name and an apt logo. Dedicate the right amount of time to this, be very selective and make sure you put in a good amount of creativity and effort into getting this done as it will become your identity for years to come.

2. Register your business


The next step is to register yourself with the Ministry of Commerce through the DGFT website i.e., DGFT stands for Director-General of Foreign Trade. You then need to apply for a 10-digit IEC number and you will require a PAN Card for this.

You need to pay the stated fees through net banking or credit/ debit card. The last thing you need to do for the setup is to apply for a Registration-cum-Membership certificate (RCMC) via Export Promotion Council (EPC).

This is your official permission to export outside India and hence it is of great importance.

This is just the beginning but these are also the basic steps which are why they need to be done very carefully.

3. Setup an office

In addition to your company name and logo, your office is your identity as well. In order to ensure that you get the best dealers and clients, your office has to be presentable, neat and welcoming. This is because your office space speaks a lot about your identity and so you would like it to be supremely impressive. You can go for an office at a prime industrial location, or somewhere close to a booming vegetable market. The other option is that you start an online business which is a great idea in itself.

4. Selection of markets abroad

This is one of the most crucial steps in a vegetable export business. You have to be very careful while selecting the markets you wish to deal in overseas. This is because it will not only ensure your return on investment but it will also pave way for your business to grow for the coming years.

Hence thorough research on the products, prices and competitors and building reliable relations with the big heads of the market place is extremely necessary and advisable. Global surveys, international magazine,s and newspapers as well as world reports are great means of gaining this information.

5. Finding out suppliers

You also additionally need to look out for suppliers within India who can commit to delivering to you the required products in a timely and punctual manner. You can get the contacts of multiple suppliers from an Indian embassy, the Indian Chamber of Commerce, or from your personal contacts. You can then research more about them, reach out to others, and get some reviews too. You can then set up a meeting with your potential vendors and finalize a deal.

6. Lookout for buyers

You now need to lookout for potential buyers overseas! And here is where you can find them:

  • By surfing the internet and approaching them via emails or on designated portals.
  • At meet-ups or business expos.
  • Via social networking circles or sites.


7. Pricing and Costing:

This is one of the most important steps for selling a product. After having researched your competitor’s price you now need to decide upon the price of your product. For this you need to be very careful as well as optimistic. You need to include the prices of the product, transportation and other charges you might incur while also keeping a profit amount for you to stay afloat and progress in your desired market. This will help you finalize your net selling price.

8. Vegetable export Packaging and shipment:

This is the final phase of any export business. It majorly involves packaging and shipment. Your packaging needs to be spillproof, airtight, durable as well as reasonably priced, apt and attractive. For shipping your products, you can make use of numerous freight rate providing firms and apps which help you find the prices of shipping lines and their prices. You can also hire a shipping company to ease out the process. This can be of great help to you.

All this information, the research which needs to be done and the work required to set up a vegetable export business and become a vegetable exporter can seem to be daunting at first but a good coach/ mentor can support you throughout your journey of your export business.

Hence finding a mentor you can rely upon is of utmost importance before you plan to start your vegetable export business. This is because dealing internationally can become very complicated and risky at times.

This is where we, at Impexperts come into picture! We not only provide you with all the foundational knowledge needed to setup an export business but we also guide you throughout the process. Here are the highlights of our services which set us apart-

  • We have an experience in this domain worth 38+ years.
  • We have the largest network for import and export.
  • We are in touch with verified international buyers as well as suppliers.
  • We are well connected with the government and many top agencies

Our clients and our experience in this business speak for us and we are proud to have helped so many vegetable exporters to realize their dreams. We can similarly help you setup an end-to-end business effortlessly and in a short span of time. To learn more about us or to get in touch with us to discuss Your business you can contact us here! Till then, Happy Trading!

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