Dubai Expo 2020

Why Should You Visit the Dubai Expo 2020

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Expo 2020 aims to raise awareness about the global problems that humanity faces. It is the world’s largest gathering place and offers many opportunities for networking and the growth of international relationships.

At Dubai Expo 2020, several pavilions will be set up, with countries presenting their cultures and technological developments. Dubai is planning 190 countries to participate, with an estimated 25 million tourists from all over the world. Visitors can experience Emirati hospitality and the UAE’s principles of inclusiveness, tolerance, and collaboration at Dubai Expo 2020.

What is the Purpose of the Dubai Expo 2020?


The purpose of Dubai Expo 2020 is to bring countries together through innovative and creative collaboration programs that help develop and promote ideas that improve people’s lives while protecting the environment.

Participating in an Expo allows countries to connect with worldwide companies, contribute to economic progress, and share knowledge and skills. Expos offer a unique opportunity to engage in cultural diplomacy and engage with the host country, participants, tourists, and investors on a global scale.

We all know that Dubai is a hub for import-export business, and Dubai Expo 2020 is the best opportunity for all businessmen who want to start their import-export business. You get the benefit to meet and collaborate with the world’s top companies.

So are you interested in creating a new base for your business? Don’t miss this opportunity and join the GFE group today. 

Why GFE group?

GFE group, the world’s fastest-growing organization, has planned a tour to Dubai for their clients and all the other people who want to grow their import export business

Take advantage to enjoy an affordable yet luxurious Dubai tour. So following are the details of the tour package and visiting Dubai Expo 2020. 

Packages to Visit Dubai Expo 2020


The tour is named “Expo 2020” and provide:

  • 2 in 1 package tour for personal and business purposes with 50% cost saving.
  • 75-80k cost for 2 in 1 package
  • Maximum people can join this.

Plan your Trip and Save the Date

The Dubai Tour will be for four days – 25th of October to 29th of October with a stay in 3 & 4-star hotels. Here is the schedule for the four days of the trip.

25th of October:

  • Arrival in Dubai
  • After dinner moving to the hotel
  • Overnight at hotel

26th of October:

  • Refreshing breakfast
  • Go to exhibition
  •  Evening pick up from an exhibition
  •  Indian dinner and overnight stay

27th of October:

  • Morning breakfast
  • Go to exhibition 
  • Evening pick up from an exhibition
  • Enjoying Dhow cruise with dinner
  •  Overnight stay at hotel

28th of October:

  •  Morning breakfast
  • Exhibition visit
  • Overnight stay at hotel

Note: The last day will be a little different as after breakfast, tourists will be checking out from the hotel, taking the tour of the Dubai city with enough shopping time, and then moving to the airport for the flight to India.

So, Dubai Expo-2020 is waiting for you, contact the GFE group today to join and enjoy the Dubai

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