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Things You Need To Know About Export Inspection Agency

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Export Inspection Agency managed and approved by the Export Inspection Council established to inspect and coordinate with the Council in its many undertakings. In the whole country, the Export Inspection Agency may supply exporters with various certifications. The role of the export inspection agency is to ensure that products published under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act 1963 satisfy the quality and safety requirements of importing countries. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the export inspection agency of India.

Services of Export Inspection Agency

As authorized by the Council, export inspection agencies(quality control and pre shipment inspection agencies in India) provide the following services:

  • Export commodities certification quality through the installation of quality management systems in exporting units and consignment-by-consignment inspection.
  • Installation of Food Safety Management Systems in food processing units by international standards certifies the quality of food products.
  • Under various schemes for export items, Health, Authenticity, and other certificates are issued to exporters.
  • Issued certificate of Origin to exporters under a variety of preferential tariff programs for export commodities.
  • Laboratory service testing
  • Training and technical help install quality and Safety Management Systems to satisfy the needed requirements, laboratory testing, and other services.
  • Inspection agencies and laboratories must be authorized and used for export inspection and testing in compliance with the relevant requirements.

Scope for Export Inspection Agency

The central government has announced the items for an export inspection agency in India. It has also developed minimal quality control and pre-shipment inspection standards and procedures. Around 1000 products have been specified in the Act, including chemicals, ceramic goods, agricultural products, textiles, footwear, minerals, and steel products. Quality control and pre-shipment inspection are essential for the export industry’s continued growth. An Exports Inspection Agency is authorized to provide export inspection agency certificates for the following items:

1.   Origin

2.   Consignment-wise Inspection

3.   In-Process Quality Control

4.   Self-Certification

5.   Food Safety Management System based Certification, under FSSAI

6.   Hallmarking

7.   ISO certification

8.   AGMARK Registration

9.   FPO

10. ISI Registration

Other country’s buyers now require a pre shipment inspection certificate India of inspection from known Export Inspection Agencies. Make sure they receive high quality and match their and customers’ expectations.


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How can I become a member of the export inspection agency of India?

Must apply to the nearest Exports Inspection Agency if an organization wants to be certified as an inspection agency for any notified commodities. Chennai, Delhi, Cochin, Kolkata, and Mumbai are all export inspection agencies of India.

What is the export inspection agency registration procedure?

A pre-shipment inspection is an export inspection agency registration procedure. Trade operators such as buyers, suppliers, and agencies inspect newly produced products before shipping them for export or import. A pre-shipment inspection’s goals are to verify the amount and quality of the item.

In the pre-shipment, what is the role of the export inspection agency?

The role of the export inspection agency is to provide inspection service for quality control and pre-shipment inspection. The export inspection agency of India advises manufacturers to develop the best quality management system possible to provide a consistent quality product that meets the buyer’s specifications and earns the buyer’s trust.

Who issues the inspection certificate?

After the inspection processes are completed, the document is issued by a competent inspector working for an independent inspection company. After a successful inspection, the inspection certificate for export signed by the competent authorities who inspected the procedure is usually issued immediately.

What is an EIC Certificate?

To ensure the quality and safety of products exported from India, the Export Inspection Council of India acts as the official export certificate body. The Executive Head of the Council ensures the day-to-day council functioning.

Where can you get an export inspection agency health certificate?

Health certificate from export inspection agencies for the following categories: Marine products destined for the European Union’s market. It is carried out for EU-approved seafood processing plants. Marine products are intended for China, Russia, Iran, and other non-EU nations.

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