government bodies help exim business

What government bodies help with EXIM business?

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To help the EXIM business owners in India, the government of India has established many legal entities and councils that provide complete support and guidance. Below are a few of the renowned government bodies that are involved in the enhancement of import export business in India.

1: Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

To make India a major player in the International trade by the year 2020, the department of commerce helps with every little information and aid to the keen EXIM business owners. They have an aim to double the export share of India in the coming years. The basic function of this body is to monitor the Foreign Trade Policy.


India Directorate General of Foreign Trade works to implement the foreign trade policy or EXIM policy in the country. It has the right to formulate the EXIM business guidelines.

3: Federation of Indian Export Organizations

FIEO is the platform that represents the Indian EXIM business owners and their spirit in the International market. It is set-up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce in favour of the Indian EXIM business owners and their effort for raising the import export industry.


APEDA stands for the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and is proudly established by the government of India. The APEDA has a broader vision for the EXIM business owners rather than just helping the businessman with the products selection. You can read the entire vision by clicking here.

These are the famous four Government bodies involved in the import export business for raising the future EXIM entrepreneurs with all their support, guidance and development. For any other assitance please contact us by logging on to Impexperts Website.

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