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Is import export business a seasonal business?

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Many business owners in India look to the import export business as a seasonal industry. On the matter of fact, an import export industry is a 365 days working industry that has different products in demand throughout the season with very few agriculture and food products that are famous during a particular season.

The product selection is very important when you start your EXIM business in India. Depending upon the product, you have to inspect the market and its demand in the particular industry. There is nothing like a seasonal business for import export business owner; it is always about importing or exporting seasonal products such as Mango during the Indian summer season.

Friends, before you listen or believe in any myths regarding the import export business, it is important to acquire basic knowledge for experiencing smooth trade management in the future. Impexperts is the world of import export that has its root in the industry over the last three decades and more. You can always Call on +91 9211066888 for more information.

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  1. I am starting my business import and export nd i choose a seasonal product like onion i would i like to export to other country.. I don’t have any idea can you help me how can i start this?

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