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Most valuable products export from india to usa

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International ties between India and USA have strengthened after the independence. The government introduced several policies to increase export to the USA. Strategic alliance with the western countries, quality improvements, speeding transportation system, and free trade agreements are some initiatives that helped India stay ahead of the competition. Due to close ties with the USA, now you can export to the USA from India without major restrictions.

On the political front, Indo-US ties were always friendly. It benefited several industries in expanding their business into the US. Both the countries have supported each other in improving their bilateral trade. All those efforts put India in a prominent position in global trade.

What does India export to USA?

India has an abundance of natural resources. We export from India to USA wide varieties of raw materials in large quantities. Here is the list of the top 7 products we export from India to USA

  1. Pearls, precious stones, metals
  2. Pharmaceutical products
  3. Other made textile articles, sets, worn clothing
  4. Electrical, and electronic equipment
  5. Organic chemicals
  6. Vehicles other than railways, tramways
  7. Fish, crustaceans, aquatics invertebrates

How to export from India to USA?

A company that wants to products export from to India requires a government license to export goods to the USA. Follow the custom rules, product restriction guidelines, and clearance from the custom in India. After you obtain the consent, follow the standard exporting procedure.

India has achieved 10th position in the economic power whereas the US rank at number one position. India is on the verge of becoming a superpower.

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