Top handicraft export from India

Rising demand for Handicraft export from India in the Global market

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Since the ancient era, handicrafts have been one of the top exporting products of India. Various kinds of products are produced and exported in the biggest market of Europe, the USA, and the Middle East countries.

In March 2022, the handicraft export reached its peak, contributing to US$174.26 million worth of handicraft exports in the country. The export has increased by 8% compared to the previous month. India has achieved $4.35 billion in export in the year 2021-22. Year-on-year growth in handicrafts is a good sign for the country.


Top handicraft export From India


Companies involved in the export of Handicraft are consistently making progress in seizing the global market. Fine-tune handicraft products are in high demand in western countries. These top Indian companies are making good progress and bringing Indian handicraft items to a market where customers can easily purchase them.

Here are the top exporting companies of Indian handicraft items in the global market.

  1. The handicrafts Handloom exports corporation of India
  2. Salar Overseas
  3. Neha Export House
  4. Sakura Handicrafts
  5. Sanjay Exports
  6. Aadish Handicrafts

Handicraft export from India is consistently rising. The demand for innovative product increased. Handicraft products support the local artist to get employment and improve their lifestyle. Indian handicraft product is known for their artistic imprint and ancient practices used in production. Wide varieties of products are developed every year and exported to various countries.


List of Indian Handicraft products


  • Handmade Sarees
  • Imitation jewelry
  • Hand-printed textiles
  • Woodwares
  • Embroidered or crocheted goods
  • Furniture products

Indian handicraft product is making significant progress, contributing to the economy’s growth. Private and government agencies are established to support the exports of Indian handicraft items in the global market. You can take the help of these trading agencies and export the product anywhere in the world. The government of India also supports the local players to explore the untapped regions with numerous subsidies and tax benefits on the exports.

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