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Seasonal fruits export from India is growing in the global market

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India is the largest agricultural economy, but our global fruit export share is negligible. Exports of seasonal fruits have accounted for 2% of the total GDP of India. However, the recent development shows that the demand for the India origin fruits is rising. Seasonal fruits are getting more orders from various countries. There are ample opportunities for the companies who want to establish profitable fruit exports business in India.

List of fruits export from India


India is the leading exporter of pomegranate fruits. We are producing nearly half of the pomegranate production in the world. Fruits are primarily produced in the different parts of India and exported to various global markets. Israel, Russia, Greece, UAE, and Italy are the top countries importing India-origin Pomegranate fruits.


Mangoes fruit has high demand in the western countries. The fruit is cultivated during the summer and exported to various countries through seaports.

Mangoes are exported to America, Africa, Florida, and the Caribbean. India is the largest producer of the Mangoes in the world.


Apple is used in varieties of food items. It is an essential ingredient in baking products. Apple juice, syrups, cake-making ingredients, and candies, everywhere, apple is used as a primary component. Apple production in India is rising due to the tremendous demand from the various global market. Indian farmers are trying to capture the fastest-growing market of apples in different Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and various Europe countries.

How do you export fruits from India?

Export fruits from India go through a series of processes. Follow these steps to learn how to export fruits and avoid trouble.

1) Formation of the export-import company

2) Apply for the IEC number (Importer-Exporter Code)

3) Get Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC)

4) Choose fruits that you are willing to sell

5) Select the market to export fruits

6) Check for the government policies for exporting fruits

7) Find the buyers in the international market

Fruits export from India is relatively easy; however, you must follow a systematic procedure to avoid risk. Every individual can start their export business at minimum investment.

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