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50 Small Import Export Business Ideas

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Small Import Export Business Ideas with Description

Looking for Small import export business ideas to plan your next move into the world of import and export. Take a look at 50 important export business ideas that you can opt to start early as possible to earn profits.

Every other person has a one-of-a-kind startup idea. But, when it comes to import business ideas and export business ideas, it requires more accurate and efficient Google research. If you are looking for small Import Export Business Ideas/ import export business list to plan your next move into the world of import and export. Let’s take a look at the best 50 Import and Export Business Ideas that you can opt to start early as possible to earn profits. India has a vast number of business opportunities, be it importing business ideas or exporting business ideas. So after comprehensive research, I have identified the list of best export businesses in India.

1. Vegetable Export:

India is one of the largest producers of vegetables such as potato, online import export business ideas, cabbage, and cauliflower, and these vegetables have a large requirement in neighboring and far countries. Starting a Small Import Export Business Ideas with vegetable export is not a big task and a profitable business. So, this is a considerable option to start the best export business in India with low investment.

2. Clothing

The clothing industry is an evergreen market, and when it comes to export, India tops the list as it has some of the world’s finest fabric at low prices. If you are looking for Import and Export Business examples, then clothing is the best for Small Import Export Business Ideas, which means, less investment and a high margin. If you are really interested in this exciting business idea, then for more information, you may Google for clothing export ideas from India.

3. Beauty Products

If you are really interested in this exciting business idea, then for more information, you may Google for clothing export ideas from India. You can trade and export a number of beauty products as your initiative for Small Import Export Ideas.

4. Seafood Export

People around the world love seafood, and there are many countries that import varieties of seafood from countries like India, which have varieties of top-quality fishes, Pomfret, crabs, etc. To cater to the increasing demand for these products worldwide. Start your Small Business Export by selling seafood.

5. Meat Exports

Indian beef is considered to be the best in quality and is a highly profitable business for a small business export as well. So need to further wonder about which export business is good from India? You got the answer as a business opportunity, right

6. Machinery Export Business

Become an exporter of small machinery. These can be done by finding a reliable customer and a manufacturer for the same to get your first deal.

20 Most Successful Import Export Business Ideas in India

7. Chemical Exports

With an ever-increasing demand for chemicals, India is a top exporter of organic and inorganic chemicals to many countries. Even as a small-scale distributor, trying your hand at starting chemical exports is the most profitable export business in India.

8. Petroleum Products

India caters to a large-scale petroleum product in various countries. In 2019, if you are looking to start some Small Business Export, working on these Import Export Business Ideas is a great option to earn high returns.

9. Leather Products

The demands for leather goods are always high to start an easy export to neighboring countries.

10. Safety Shoes

It also comes under leather articles. Large, medium or small, every manufacturing units have their environmental and safety norms to wear safety shoes. Contact companies abroad and start selling safety shoes as part of your export business. It is one of the viable export business opportunities in India

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11. Toilet Paper Export

For a small manufacturer of toilet paper, penetrating in countries where the demands of toilet paper are high will yield good results.

12. Fancy Chappals Export

Supplying fancy chappals to foreign countries is never a bad idea. It requires low investment and a profit margin that can easily help you find a good market.

13. Handicrafts Export

The love for handicrafts is evergreen, and anyone can start their handicraft export at any time with easy social media marketing.

14. Medicine Export

There is a huge demand for different medicines export in African countries. Become a legal distributor of medicines to export medicines in huge volumes.

Export of Medical Equipment is considered to be a profitable business for a person or a company looking for Business Export Idea in the year 2019.

15. Plastic export

Plastic is another good idea for a Small Business Export as more and more companies need plastic to re-use and modify it into other useful products.

16. Business Export Consultant

Become a business export consultant and help other small, medium and large-scale manufacturers to tell the market trend of, targeted countries to invest in a particular product.

17. Construction Chemical Export

Due to excessive construction taking place in countries like the gulf and UAE, you can sell construction chemicals as the main distributor of a good company to earn high profits.

18. Flexographic Ink Export

There is a huge demand for flexographic inks worldwide, which are used in corrugated boxes. For a local manufacturer, getting to start from a small supply helps to get better opportunities in this business.

19. Export Insurance Service Provider

One of the considerable business ideas for export from India is the bean export insurance service provider to various exporters for their products

20. An Export Directory Provider

Running an online export delivery is one of the easiest ways for any exporter or importer to have a look at their target market in the world. Start a Small Business Export by becoming a service provider of an export directory.

21. Become a Custom Broker

Deal with problems related to customs for various exporters and earn a good profit as a customs broker.

22. Environmental Technologists and Product Exports

Environmental issues are the biggest, which is a serious concern, be an environmental technology export service provider to deal with the issues related to the environment, health, and safety.

23. Gem Export Business

Are you looking for a business export idea to start an export business without investment? How about giving a try to the gem export business?

24. Spice Export

Star your small-scale best export business in India without investment by exporting Indian spices to various countries around the world.

25. Animal Feed Export

Another good Small Business Export is the animal feed export to get better margins.

26. Saffron Export

Indian saffron is considered to be the best in the world. Starting an export business in saffron trading will give fruitful results and huge profits.

27. Export of Pickles from India

Pickle export will be beneficial to target the countries like the Middle East, UAE, and the countries where the majority of Indian people live to give them a homely feeling.

 28. Timber Export

Increase your market presence from the local to the international level by starting to export your timber from a local market to an international one.

29. Auto Spare Parts Export

Even if you are a local trader working from a small shop, there are still chances to have your own small-scale export business of the auto spare parts to neighboring countries.

30. Export Consultant

Lead your way to help other companies to try their hand at exporting business ideas in India by becoming an export consultant.

31. Designer Wears

If you are good at designing tees, there’s an opportunity to export those funky designer t-shirts to the global market.

32. Business Service Provider to International Customers

Become a service provider and help companies to crack a deal in exports easily with international clients or customers.

33. Cloud-Based Service Exports

Good in software! Why not become an export cloud-based service provider to various countries looking for a software developer at a low cost?

34. Logistics Exports

If you have sound knowledge of logistics in the import-export business, then starting your own export logistics department is not a big deal.

35. Used or Second-Hand Product Exports

You can easily sell second-hand products to various countries.

36. Souvenir Export Shop

Interesting, but not very common, a souvenir export is yet another way to express emotions to one’s place through small mementoes.

37. IT Export Consultant

IT export consulting gives high returns when they provide solutions in the international markets.

38. Metal Exports Business

Trading in metal export can be done easily as there is always a huge demand worldwide for the same.

39. Fruits Export

With a minimum storage space requirement, you can start your fruits export business as a part of Small Business Export from your shop for exporting it to neighboring countries.

40. Livestock Business

An easy Business Export Idea to sell the livestock is to find countries that import livestock and get your deal done right to earn profits.

41. Food and Beverage Exports

Packing and branding the food and beverages is another trend that is helping people to get a profit in other countries.

42. Home Made Products

Social media connectivity is a great platform to test your skills and supply homemade designs and products worldwide.

43. Art Export

For an artist, an easy way to express their art is to export their products who are interested in arts and collectables from around the world.

44. Cotton Export

The black soil in India gives the advantage of making various products from it; one is cotton, which can be exported worldwide even on a small scale export businesses in India.

45. Gadgets Exports

Various gadgets have huge demands globally and can be exported easily by someone who has an interest in technology.

46. Vehicle Exports

India manufactures one of the cheapest vehicles in the world with unmatchable quality. Contact a manufacturer to start your vehicle export business.

47. Detergents Export

An easy way to export detergents to various countries is by getting a distributorship for the same.

48. Export Warehouse Service Provider

Various companies look for warehouses to stock their materials. Become a warehousing service provider and get good money from exporter companies.

49. Marketing Expert

Become a marketing expert for an export company in your country to increase their company’s market presence.

50. Furniture Export Business

Already have your furniture family business? Why not get it supplied Furniture Export business internationally?


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Amongst the laundry list of import export business ideas in India, I found the above list as a meaningful business opportunity. I hope your purpose in landing this blog post is served with the list of best Export Import business ideas. If you think there are still more viable import export business opportunities that I have not covered in the above list, then please feel free to give your valuable suggestions in the below comment box.

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FAQs – Import Export Business Ideas

1. Which vegetables does India export the most? 

India produces the largest number of vegetables like potatoes, onions, cabbage, and cauliflower. So, if you are a farmer and thinking of a small business export idea, exporting vegetables is the best way to start. Moreover, compared to other import-export business products, vegetables require minimum capital and investment.

2. What are some of the profitable products we have with the import export business? 

Some of the most profitable import export business products are inclusive of petroleum products, seafood exports, leather goods, medicine exports, Indian spice export, and pickle export.

3. What is the best way to run an import export business without any products? 

If you are thinking of a small business idea but have no money to invest, then becoming an export directory provider is the best option you have. Analyze your client’s target market and provide them with the right information to earn your own money.

4. How to start an import export business with less or low investment in India?

Doing import export business with low investment is possible. To invest the minimum in the import export business, you need to sell products from other manufacturers to save the cost of production. 

5. How much money is needed to start best import export business in India?

To start an import export business in India, Impexperts can help you with as little as 65,000 to 70,000 including product cost. 

6. Which export business ideas are best in India? 

All the import-export businesses mentioned above in the blogs are the best in India. To become successful, you need to find the field you want to grow in and stick to it for a minimum of 6 months. 

7. Which is the most profitable export business ideas in India? 

Some of the most exported and profitable import export products in India include refined petroleum, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and rice products. 

8. What are the export opportunities from India? 

India has many great opportunities when it comes to export business. You can export multiple products with higher margin rates in the international market. Some of the most exported products include coffee, sugar, handicrafts, and cotton yarns.

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