Challenges Small Exporters Face

5 Challenges Small Exporters Face with Their Solution

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Challenges Small Exporters Face while managing the import and export of their business. Lack of experience, dedicated team, and changing realm of the export business creates many roadblocks.

Delivering the Goods to overseas marketing is a complex process. Managing an export and import is not a layman’s job. The company has to provide necessary documents at every checkpoint to verify the authenticity of the company and the goods delivered.

Expertise in export and import management, education about the entire process, and sufficient knowledge to understand critical aspects of the export business are some of the skills required to become a reliable export and import company.

If your small business needs more standard practices, you should learn the trade through import export course. Participating in the Export import management training program will offer adequate information on how to manage international trade.

Also, any doubts related to trade will be answered in training. After the training, you will qualify for the trading process and become a master in the import and export business.

Here is a list of the challenges small exporters face when they enter into the export and import business


Brand Awareness


Unlike any other industry, import and export businesses also need marketing support. Creating brand awareness in the target market is crucial to driving new customers.

A company cannot sustain itself longer without influencing its customers. You need a proper channel to reach potential buyers. Display your products and services transparently to make them follow your routes.

Building trust in your brand should be the first approach to the brand promotion campaign. Allow people to explore your products through the corporate website. Use social media and video-sharing sites to highlight your brand to the users. Once potential customers discover your brand, they will reach you for more information.

Congested ports


Indian ports lack a big infrastructure that can offer easy access to small companies. Currently, Indian ports are dealing with the serious issue of congestion. A small exporter has to deal with a long waiting period to get a storage space to store the goods at the ports.


It is a serious challenge that every small business has to deal with when conducting trade in the international market. Besides that, the loading and unloading the goods take more time which also impacts the delivery of the goods. Due to this fact, large enterprises are given priority, and small container ships are kept on hold.

Less use of modern technology, lack of automation, and more dependency on manual work is the reason behind the poor management of the port. Small businesses should take the help of the existing export and import Management Company because they know the best way to clear the goods from the port.

How to Start Import Export Business in India

Discovering buyers


Small businesses mostly struggle with the search for new buyers. The flow of revenue gets impacted because the company depends on regular customers.

If any of the customers do not place the order, the company enters into a financial loss. For any business to sustain itself longer, it should focus on acquiring new buyers.

B2B websites are the platform where companies can register and look for potential buyers looking for their products. It’s a corporate network where buyers and sellers connect for mutual benefits.

Besides that, you can register on the social media platform where people discuss a particular product. The buyers and sellers can communicate with each other. Social media is an excellent digital medium for generating leads.

Challenges Small Exporters Face


Supply Chain Concerns


Small business also has to take charge of the supply chain. Once the client places the order with you, the next step is getting the right product from the local suppliers. Quality would be the biggest concern of the company.

Because the Indian market is still operating in traditional ways, small businesses mostly struggle to get quality products from suppliers. In many cases, the unorganized sectors of the Indian market will cause the shortest of the goods.

The best way to deal with the problem is to connect to multiple suppliers. If the regular supplier cannot fulfill the requirement, you can get the product from a different supplier. Ultimately, satisfying the customer’s needs is the final goal.

Import Export Strategy For Newcomers

Changing Foreign policies


International border laws change more often without any prior notification. Thus, small businesses must keep an eye on the changes. If any of the rules have changed, the company has to comply with the new regulations before they send their goods to the port.

Companies must submit the necessary documentation to customs to avoid the delivery getting stranded or goods being seized at the port.

The best way to avoid unforeseen events due to the change in foreign policy is to consult a reputed export and import consulting firm. Hire experts to manage the delivery of the goods in the international market. Reliable partners will take your export and import needs while you focus on finding new customers.

Impexperts is the pioneer in managing the import and export of goods. Connect with the team to find the scope for managing your trade.

In Summary


Small exporters have to be very active when dealing with international trade. Trade management becomes easy as you become aware of the standard systems and routes. The beginning years will be challenging because you will have to spend more time learning. Consider the suggestions given and improve your trade management process.

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