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The Significant Importance of Country Codes and World Port Codes For Import-Export Business

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Due to digitalization, import export business and other businesses are getting more and more opportunities every day, not just in India but all across the world. Enterprises have started providing goods to their end customers quickly and faster. Not only that but also many businesses are going international and competing on a global scale.

Speaking of which, if companies start operating internationally, then it is evident that entrepreneurs have to have an international strategy with proper knowledge of the import export business. They need to begin collecting specific data for better understanding and take essential decisions while doing international business.

But the major concern is how to find such kind of import export data? Well, you can get the help of an import export data service provider that provides international trade data services and trading business data. Other than that, you need to start researching other details regarding your import export business to take it to the next level.

Furthermore, suppose you already have stepped into international trade and have the HS code. In that case, you should have the proper knowledge of country codes and international¬†port codes of the world to make relationships with international importers and exporters. But many a time, people aren’t sure about country codes and world port codes, and it becomes tough for them to find the information.

So, it’s better to understand what they are and why they are so much important. If you think that you need a better understanding of what country codes and port of export codes of the world/ international port codes are, you are on the right article! We will let you know what country code & world port code are and why it is essential to know them.

Let’s understand by taking suitable examples.

Country codes:

What country code is it?

  • With the help of world country codes, you can easily find out the information about a shipment and its country.

Why is country code important in import export business?

For example:

  • If you would like to check India’s best imports back in 2018-2019, you need to know India’s country code. Having the country code in handy can help you get the information you may need for your import export business.

To be specific, for India- It is IN or IND. Make sure you know at least 3-digit equivalent numeric codes.

For Hong Kong, it is HK or HKG.

We hope you are pretty much clear about the country codes of the world.

Now, let’s move on to port codes of the world


World port codes:

What are port codes of the world?

  • After knowing HS code and country codes, it is essential to understand the world port code. Using the world port code, you can check the total shipment of a specific picky port sensibly.

Now, you might be wondering how you can check it. No worries, let’s understand this too by taking the example.

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Why are port codes of the world important in the import export business?

  • If you wish to check Car-Nicobar’s total shipment, then you need to write down the code in the web portal within a specific space provided by the import-export data provider or trainer. Doing so with the proper knowledge will get you the right information easily and faster.

For better understanding, let’s check how the world port code looks like and what other details you may require for getting the information you are looking for.

Port code: INTMX6

Country name: India

Country state: Andhra Pradesh



We hope that you are pretty much clear about the country code and world port code. If you think you are unaware of such things and are just involved in the import export business or will start your career in the import-export industry sooner, contacting Imexperts would be the best option for you. Why? Because we are a certified import-export training institution, providing live business set up and first trade experience with a suitable course. We believe in giving practical knowledge through practical sessions with conceptual clarity. So that candidates can get a customized experience.

If you are looking to learn more about the Import export business in detail, get in touch with us! We have an experienced and reputed faculty that will uplift your career and give in-depth information about your business product. Join Imexperts and get the best-in-class import-export training courses to take your start-up or business to the path of growth and success!

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