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Someone I Know, who recently experienced riches in Import Export Industry

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The import-export industry is a vast segment as it involves the connection of different countries of the world. Moreover, this segment is an International trading segment with trade affairs across the border. I have been lately thinking about a few people, who are outstanding entrepreneurs now and are managing the import export business independently and successfully. With this blog, you will get an idea about a few successful people whom I know have experienced riches in EXIM industry.


Here’s a real story of someone I know, who is associated with the Import-Export industry for agriculture products.


My friend Joy received his computer engineering degree from IIT (Bengaluru) in the year 2009. He was always fond of working with multinational companies, and he did serve 2 top notch brands for 5 long years, but after some unavoidable circumstances, he had to help his father in the agriculture business. When he came to know about the import export business from our training academy in Bengaluru, he contacted me to get some genuine advise on his agriculture products.

Import Export Industry

We had a great discussion over dinner one day. I asked him to undergo import-export industry training program that runs for 6 weeks at my institute, Impexperts. He willingly joined it, and at Impexperts, we helped him with his company’s registration and licensing procedure. When he was receiving his certificate of recognition from us, we were preparing his company’s first trade affair. For his agriculture product, Guar gam; we helped him find a buyer from the USA.  In short, we managed his company’s complete legal formalities from registering his business with IEC to find a potential buyer and book his profit from the trade.

His first trade was free from our platform as a token of practical experience, which he or any entrepreneur would definitely need for gaining live trade exposure.  

In today’s date, Joy has his agriculture business settled with potential buyers from across the world, and, he is successfully aiding the Indian government with an increase in the Indian exports, for which he earns regular incentives too.

International trading requires exposure and support from a recognised import export business agent or CHA. Impexperts hold the legacy of three decades for serving the clients with their potential market needs. We have been in the import-export industry since it gained its exposure in the Indian economy. Moreover, we have an independent logistics department to handle our client’s shipment.


Are you too searching potential buyers for Guar Gum international trading?


Many Indians do not know the exact reason, why Guar gum is becoming a hit export product for the Indian market. The demand for guar gum will remain strong in the coming years as it is highly used in the oil drilling activities in the USA. Both guar gum seed and commodities are quoted higher than its previous close because of its increasing demand in the international market.


Here’s a detailed image from Guar Gum Cultivation depicting its future demand.

Blog 31

Figure 1 Demand for Guar Gum


That was one of the stories that we have come across from the successful import export business owners in India. If you too wish to join the race of successful international trading entrepreneurs, you must log on to, or schedule a call with us for kick-starting your import export business in India.

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