Global Trade Management

Global Trade Management Solution: The Smartest Way to Optimise and Streamline Business Processes

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GTM – Global Trade Management is undoubtedly the smartest way today to optimize and streamline various processes in a global trade cycle across logistics and business operations. Global trade management solutions help in managing transportation and global trade operations efficiently besides streamlining everyday warehousing needs. Global Trade Management solutions can automate several processes related to global logistics, customs, and regulatory compliance, and trade financing. Therefore, it facilitates the flow of money, information and goods in various global supply chains including a number of buyers, sellers, and other intermediaries like the banks, freight carriers, and customs.

GTM is a lot different than internal or domestic trade management. It involves a lot of complexities that aren’t faced in domestic distribution. Factors like multiple languages, currencies, time zones, and modes of transport are essential and need to be taken care of. Sometimes, there might be 10-12 parties involved with one single shipment. Besides all these, the laws that govern global trade are complex and numerous and keep on changing. Thus, global trade management solutions come in extremely handy for importers and exporters as it helps out with the processes with great accuracy and efficiency.

International trade is growing steadily, and people who can take risks and execute the processes well will benefit immensely. But, with more significant boundaries, come greater responsibilities and requires tremendous efficiency to have everything in sync and working in the correct manner. GTM solutions make the process easier for importers and exporters giving them an edge over the market competition.

Global Trade Management

Some Critical Aspects of the Global Trade Management Solution:

  • Export management: Choosing the right approach to GTM solutions can automate various end to end export processes, thereby reducing the export compliance risks and improve the overall export efficiency. It can also take care of issues like product classification, license management, collaborations with freight forwarders, restricted party screening, export compliance, and end-user management.
  • Import management: The other side of the coin, which involves several processes, can be made more accessible by choosing the right GTM solution. It can automate several processes and provide valuable information to the decision-makers. It also provides the data needed to measure important factors like product classification, document management, landed cost calculation, security filing and post-entry actions.
  • Duty management: There are ways to minimize duties which can increase the financial returns. Opportunities like duty drawback, trade programs, etc. can help with it. With the right GTM solution, the processes can be automated and significantly simplified. It takes care of preferential trade programs like China Trade management, Free trade agreements, Foreign- Trade zones and a lot more.
  • Customs filing: A right GTM solution helps the users to consolidate all the trade data, in the right filing format before submitting it to worldwide customs authorities with just a click. It makes sure that the data is accurate and complete.

With so many befits of Global trade management solutions, importers and exporters should be incorporating it into their businesses.

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