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How the US and China are responsible for 70% of India’s e-waste imports?

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Before we talk about India foreign trade; let me tell you frankly, more than 40% of the people in India are still not aware of the e-waste import concept. Absolutely, people in India being a business owners or import export professionals have still no idea about tackling e-waste management. This is where we are lacking, and this is exactly where; we need to focus on improving the global environment.

E-waste is referred to as the discarded electronic material of the electronic device. The electronic materials that are used and can be utilised for the reuse or recycle purpose are called e-waste.


What is e-waste import?

When we import electronic devices or items from other countries, we become responsible for the e-waste of imported electronic devices. If we follow the study of the ‘ACC (Associated Chambers of Commerce), the USA and China are ranked top in acquiring the highest share of importing electronic waste in India. In short, the USA and China are responsible for 70% of India’s total e-waste imports. Both the India China import and the India US import of electronic devices is a big concern for our economy as we are responsible for the e-waste management of these devices.

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Delhi NCR is turning into a world’s e-waste dumping yard

If we believe to the sources published in the newspaper and over the digital magazine regarding India foreign trade, ‘India has become the dumping ground for our e-waste – everything from computers, and phones, televisions and white goods are being illegally exported to India.’ As India adopts the throwaway society, major electronic devices are imported in India that makes us responsible for the highest number of e-waste management. The India China import and the India US import of electronic devices is a big concern for the country as we will be dumping the e-waste because of importing it from the International marketplace.


Are you an importer of electronic devices?

Any product that you wish to import or export is absolutely your choice depending upon the parameters of growth and profit. We at Impexperts, world of import export believe in the responsibility towards the environment. If you are the importer of the electronic devices, then you must think about e-waste management cycle and must express your concern for the e-waste import altogether.

When you are a part of the India foreign trade, you absolutely have some responsibility towards recycling management. Only importing a huge amount of electronic items won’t help the Indian economy with a great profit; there has to be proper e-waste management to make things settled in favour of the environment. This is why we have chosen the e-waste management topic this week for bringing awareness amongst the electronic device importers.


Do you know that premium smartphone from Apple, VIVO, HP, Motorola and Samsung worth Rs 5000 Crore were stranded with customs in India after the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) suspended their import permits? These electronic devices were stranded because they did not comply with the e-waste management rules during the import. It was a big decision made by the CPCB, and it was an eye-opening incident for many electronic importers in India during April 2019.


Concerning the foreign trade along with the India China import and the India US import, this incident marked as a history for suspending the import permits of leading 10 electronic companies for not complying with the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) rules. Later the government asked the CPCB to look after the matter with a commitment from the manufacturing companies for its e-waste import management.




Being an importer from India, you cannot neglect the green rules that are concerning the environment and the green economy of our world. India foreign trade is a dream of many EXIM candidates, who see their future in the import export business. We at Impexperts, make them learn during the training their responsibility and liability for the business they are stepping into. Import export industry is a wide field; you have to learn from the basics to technical and green rules for becoming a successful EXIM entrepreneur in India. You may trade anywhere in the world, but your trade has to comply with the green rules. This brings both success and goodwill to your brand image.


Your backend support for e-waste import management:

The India foreign trade figures show a clear imbalance between the import and export figures. The import figure is quite higher than the export figure. This shows the imbalance of foreign trade in India. We being Indians must be proud of the Indian land as it is a land of producing the highest number of food products, including spices. Not to forget, the Indian Morbi Cluster is the world’s second largest ceramic manufacturing cluster. We can always move our direction towards the growth and success of our business by learning about the major export products of India.

Mr Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has seen a big dream of taking India to the International platform as a major exporter of Indian food products, ceramic tiles, medicines and other items. We can work together to increase the export share of the country and fulfil our duty towards increasing the Indian economy share for the India foreign trade.



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