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Why is Avocado considered as the ‘Green Gold’ in the import export market?

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An import export market consists of trade of various commodities and goods between two different countries. An exporter always wants to invest in the food products export for earning a great amount of profit. Not only India, but there are also many other countries that are earning huge money with the food products export and one of them is Mexico. Our today’s blog will help you understand Avocado’s example of how a great food product with great value in the market can help your business turn gold.

The Import Export Market of India (Fruits)

When we talk about the Indian export of fruits and vegetables, India ranks first for producing fruits such as bananas, papayas, and mangoes. These three fruits are produced in the highest quantity, and hence, it offers a great share of export opportunities to Indian exporters. Though there is no avocado market in India, you can buy it online. By surfing the APEDA website, you can get the list of the fruits and vegetables that you can export from India and also import duty on avocado in India, as an Indian exporter while importing avocado in India you should know how many avocados are imported from Mexico. Likewise, Avocado is one of the golden fruits for Mexico as it is produced in huge quantities opening the gate for the export market. We can create a great business opportunity by importing avocado fruit in India Indian avocado vs imported avocado.

Avocado trade

Avocado import and the green gold concept!

Have you heard about the beautiful state of ‘Michoacán’ located in Mexico? The residents of Michoacán have renamed Avocado the ‘Green Gold’ as it has helped them to feed the American import need by exporting huge tons of Avocado, thereby earning a great amount of money and attention from the world importers. If we believe in this concept that a single fruit can help exporters (avocado imports in India) to makeover their business and turn it into gold; we can also utilize such case studies for improving our import export market situations or business.

If we believe the history, Avocado was planted some 9,000 years before in Mexico. The advoco export business wasn’t impressive till 1980. Earlier USA banned the import of Avocados because of the pest and cheaper competition. Later, when the ban was removed because of the NAFTA; Mexican Avocados changed the concept of grocery stores along with the eating habits of Americans.

This inspiring story helps us to bull our goals towards the export of any product that we thought was impossible. We Indians are lucky to have tons of food products that give us a direct ticket to the world market export. Wondering what are the fruits and vegetables that can help import export market to boom, call on +91 9211066888

Fun Facts – 

Do you know how many avocados are imported from Mexico? 

One study has shown that import of Mexican avocados will reach 2.41 million metric tons in MY 2020/21,with a slight increase over MY 2019/20.

Indian avocado vs imported avocado

Avocado fruit in India is way nuttier in flavour and has firm flesh when it’s opened at the right time whereas international variety has fat content in the fruit with higher percentage of oil and creamy texture.  

Why is avocado green? 

With the natural carotenoid pigments in avocado give it its distinctive green colour, just as they do to spinach, rocket and kale.

How much is import duty on avocado in India? 

When you import avocado to India, you have to pay 29.8% of custom duty along with GST. 

Plus, avocado in Indian price ranges from 130 INR to 400 INR per kilogram.

The Exotic Avocado is now a most exported fruit in the import export market.

Without missing a single note about this inspiring fruit that changed the scenario of import export industry in the last many years, let’s talk about the average consumption of the Avocado from the 1990s to 2007. In the year the 1990s, an average American used to consume 1.5 pounds of Avocado in the year which raise to 5 pounds a year in 2007. And the consumption figures are simply stunning in 2019. This entire journey of Avocado is a useful case study for the Indian import export market to catering the requirement of a fruit or vegetable product in a particular importer country such as America.

Not only America, but the demand for avocado export from India also increased in the entire world, and this benefited the Mexican origins with a great business. Here’s a graph depicting the Annual Avocado supply in the EU by the origin from the year 2007-2018. The figures help to know the tonnes of export of Avocado in the different regions.


The average growth rate of Avocado production in the year 2017 was noted by 12.5% every year. The figures clearly state that in the eighteen years, the volume of Avocado export from India in the import export market increased to more than six times. In the year 2017, the world imported 2.081,026 tons of Avocados, which is interesting to know after having its ban in the year 1990 for the world American market.

Has this case study inspired you for joining the import export market?

The Avocado is not the only fruit or product that is successful in the import export market. Many fruits and vegetables are gaining their popularity even though these products were once banned in the market by the major countries. This is how any importer or exporter should pick their products by studying the demand insights and the future perspective of the people.

The fruit has many health benefits to deliver, and Avocado, in this case, was a King of all fruits. Avocado is one of the fruits that is also demanded the pregnant woman because of its healthy properties. How about studying a product in detail, performing a detailed product analysis before entering the import export market in India?

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