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How To Start A Spice Export Business In India?

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In the Indian spices export business, India has a strong reputation. Therefore, there is a high demand for natural spices from other countries, especially the flavour, which attracts everyone. Due to the long history of Indian spices, the Indian spice exports business was one of India’s first spices export businesses.

Even with the economic reasons, the Indian spice companies have made a significant profit and have helped the country establish a solid position in the import-export market.

However, just like any other import-export company, this spice export business requires a comprehensive strategy to understand the basics of the industry. So, before we get started, let’s see the scope for Indian spice exporters.

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Scope Of Export Spices From India

Due to its flavour and quality, the spices exporter in India business is rapidly expanding its footprint in other countries. India is known for creating and developing about 75 of the world’s 109 species. Because of India’s tropical and non-tropical temperatures, the agriculture industry can grow a variety of spices, which are currently grown in almost every state.

How To Spices Export From India

  • Before learning how to export from India, entrepreneurs must first determine what type of business they want to create and which spice they specialize in. Then, depending on your interests and available funds, you might become a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, retailer, or exporter.
  • After that, you’ll need to research the market to know more about the spice market and the spices you’re specialized in. It will help develop a long-term supply chain for the spice.
  • After that, you’d have to meet with suppliers and dealers to buy their spices in bulk. You’ll need to find a suitable storage site and either rent or buy it to handle this. If you also want to start a retail business, you’ll need to invest in the necessary machinery and equipment to get your manufacturing facility up and operating. The following is a list of equipment needed to start the export of spices from India:
  1. Compressor
  2. Disintegrator
  3. Heat sealing machine
  4. Packaging machine
  5. Roster
  6. Spice grinders and sieves
  7. Weighing scale
  • Entrepreneurs will then need to meet with a legal expert to know the legal requirements for starting such a business. The lawyer will give you further information on the permits and certificates you’ll need to start doing business in India.
  • You must immediately start the documentation procedure to secure the necessary licences on time. At this point, you will also need to register your company as a corporate legal structure.
  • Then you’ll need to find suppliers in Europe, the United States, and other nations where you want to export and build a good working relationship with them. Once you’ve found purchasers, you can start the paperwork necessary to begin exporting spices.
  • You’ll also need to find suitable investors and debtors to help fund your operations along the road. To ensure that you are fully prepared, you may need to prepare a spice export business plan before approaching investors.

Required Documents To Import Spices From India

The documentation you’ll need to start your export spices business in India is listed below.

  1. Incorporate certificate from the Registrar of Companies
  2. IEC (Import Export Code)
  3. RCMC (Registration cum Membership Certificate)
  4. Registration Certificate of Good and Service Ta
  5. MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) for Registration Certificate
  6. Trademark Registration Certificate
  7. Registration Certificate or License
  8. Your passport size photo
  9. For your business, open a separate bank account
  10. An Authorized Dealer Code from the bank
  11. Bank Statement and Certificate
  12. Company/Business PAN Card

For example, If you want to start a spice industry in India with Turmeric, you’ll require the BIS certification for the spice, which has an ISI number of 2446:1963.

To be an exporter of the spice, you’ll also need a Certificate of Registration, which will pay you:

  1. An IEC Certificate (Import Export Code)
  2. PAN Card
  3. GST Registration Certificate
  4. Bank Statement

Last Words:

In the Covid-19 situation, India’s import-export business has grown steadily and profitably. It is the right time to start your import-export business from India. Follow the above information that helps to start your business very effectively. GFE helps all inspirational importers and exporters in running their import-export business. We have helped 1000+ exporters so far and we would like to do the same for you. 



Which countries import the most spices from India?

Indian spices are exported to 160 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and others.

Which Indian states are the leading spice producers?

The states in India that are known for their large spice production are:

  • Kerala,
  • Rajasthan,
  • Madhya Pradesh,
  • Gujarat, Karnataka,
  • Goa, and 
  • Andhra Pradesh
Which spices are the most popular in India?

With an estimated volume of over 601 thousand metric tonnes, chilli was India’s most exported spice in 2021. Cumin was next, and turmeric was third. India’s spice exports were about 1.5 million metric tonnes and 3.6 billion dollars in value in that year.

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