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Important Things About Indian Import Data

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In 2018, India imported $507.6 billion worth of products from all over the world, and in 2017 up from $417 billion. India import export data have grown by 10.5 percent since 2014 and by 14.3 percent from 2017 to 2018. Indian import data includes trade business information and other statistics and shipping records.

This data gives statistics on products imported into India from countries like the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, and others. Import shipment data from India is provided by Export-Import Data Solutions, which is 100 percent legitimate, relevant, up-to-date, and authentic. It all comes down to things transported into India by air, sea, or ICD ports.

India export and import data Customs is a well-managed and unified report based on Shipping Bills and Invoices filed with Indian Customs. It maintains all import records for sea and air cargo traveling through Indian seaports, ICDs, CFS, and airports.

Indian Import data is derived from Indian Customs and contains essential facts such as Indian Importers’ names, addresses, product descriptions, prices, HS Code, quantity, import port, and shipment dates, among other things; which helps determine the accurate market intelligence for any product or HS Categorization.

What Is Indian Import Data?

Indian Import Data is a comprehensive and detailed record of the goods imported into India from different countries across the world. It provides valuable information about the types and quantities of products imported, their origin, value, and other relevant details that are essential for businesses to make informed decisions when it comes to importing or exporting goods.

The Indian Import Data covers various industries such as textile, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, and machinery equipment among others. This data helps companies in identifying potential markets for their products or sourcing suppliers who can provide them with quality raw materials at competitive prices.

Moreover, it assists policymakers in analyzing trade patterns and formulating effective trade policies that promote economic growth while protecting domestic industries from unfair competition. In conclusion, Indian Import Data is an invaluable resource for any business or organization involved in international trade as it provides insights into the trends and practices driving global commerce today.

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These are the main fields in Indian Import Data

  • Indian Importer Name, Address, Email, Contact Person, Telephone, Fax, etc.
  • Shipment Date
  • HS Code of Product
  • Product Description
  • Import FOB value in INR and US$
  • Port of Origin 
  • Unit Price INR & US$.
  • Quantity & Unit of quantity
  • Indian Import Port 
  • Exporting Country 
  • Shipment Mode 

What are India’s most important trading partners?

According to the India import export data, China has always been at the top in commercial relations with India. The top ten nations for Indian imports in 2019 are shown on the left in the trade data for India. According to India export and import data, China has the most significant share of 14.3 percent ($68.4 billion), followed by the United States with 7.3 percent ($34.9 billion), the United Arab Emirates with 6.3 percent ($30.3 billion), etc. on the list of India’s import partners.


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Is it true that India imports more than it exports?

India’s foreign trade exposure has expanded exponentially as it opened its markets in 1990-91 — exports have grown more than 16 times, and imports have increased more than 19 times. India’s imports and exports in FY 2020-21 were US$394.43 billion and US$291.80 billion, respectively.

What is export/import data?

The automated or semi-automated input and output of data sets between different software applications are known as data import and export.

What does it mean when you say you’re going to import data?

To take advantage of the data provided by another program. Importing data is essential in software because it allows one application to work in concert with another. Exporting is the polar opposite of importing, and it refers to the ability of one program to format data for another.

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