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Onion Export, How are onions exported?

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India is the major producer of Onion in the World. The rising production of Onions in the countries has opened new doors to Onion Export. Traders are looking for buyers in developed countries to export high-quality onions.

Onion is a common ingredient used in the food production industry. On top of that, the household consumption of Onions is also growing after western countries recognized the benefits of eating Onion on health.

Therefore, the demand for Onion in developed countries is consistently rising. Onion exporters use various channels to ship their products in the growing market.

Furthermore, the government has also started looking at the global demand for Onions to increase the supply of the product in international marketing without hurting the local demand. Exporters fulfilled the demand and enjoyed consistent growth in the Onion Export business. Generally, Onion exporters use high-quality crops because the importer looks for quality over quantity.

As per the data, India’s Onion Export in the international market has stood at 556.9k. Many Onion exporters from different states are sourcing the Onion from local farmers and selling it to global buyers.

Data estimates that more than 12,000 exporters from India have participated in the Onion Export, and more than 24000 buyers from different countries have benefited from the supply from the country during the last fiscal year. It clearly shows that the demand for Indian-origin onions is growing.

Procedure for becoming an Onion Exporter in India

Indian Onion Export business plays a critical role in India’s economic growth. A larger number of farmers involved in the production of the Onion benefit from the sale of the Onion to traders and international buyers. Thus, starting an Onion Export business in India would be a lucrative deal for the individual.

Follow these procedures if you want to establish an Onion Export in India.

Onion Export From India – Fresh Onion Export Data And Exporters Of INDIA

Registration of the company

Apply for company registration to get the license to start an export business. The registration will be permitted to deal in the trading business of the Onion in the country.

Company registration information requires applying for customs clearance. The customs authority will only allow the goods to get transported to other countries if the necessary documents are submitted to the authority.

PAN Number

After the company registration, get the PAN number in the company’s name. The PAN number will be asked of the company whenever you sell the goods in the market. The tax will be applied to the sale of the goods.

The PAN number of the company will be mentioned on the customs clearance form, which verifies the authenticity and gives permission to trade the goods in the international market.

Finding supplier

Traders have to deal with suppliers whenever they deal in Onion Export. The supplier should be reliable and ready to offer you a discount for buying the product in large quantities.

You must have several suppliers in contact. If one supplier cannot fulfill your requirement, you can quickly move to another supplier and deliver the product to your customer on time.

List down the contact details of the suppliers, deal with them regularly, and develop mutual partnerships to create win-win situations for both parties.

Research the market.

Before you enter any business, you must know the specific market’s demand. Onion is not the product that every country exports.

Look for a country where the consumption of a specific product is high, but the production is low. The marketing team will help you to get real-time information about the demand and supply. Use the analytical approach to decide which country to target to sell the product.


It is important to start networking with the buyers. Find the top buyers, traders, Onion exporters, local dealers, and stores that sell the Onion. Segregate the data of the buyers from the different countries. Contacting the decision maker will help you sell your product quickly in the new market.

Onion Export

Export documents

The government of India offers different types of export documents, including RCMC certification, FICCI certification, and many more. Apply for these certification programs to get qualify for the benefits provided by the local government.

Also, these agencies will help you to collect vital information from foreign sources. The document will show that you are an authentic supplier.

Importing countries

India is listed among the largest exporter of the country. India is focusing on raising Onion Export in various countries with high demand. Currently, the Indian Onion is supplied to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and several gulf nations by Indian Onion exporters.

India is leading the Onion Export globally, followed by China and Ethiopia. Shipping from India is considered cheapest to several countries because of the access to the major ports in the Indian ocean. The rising demand for Indian agriculture products also helps the country generate good farmer revenue sources.

How to Start Import Export Business in India


The Onion Export goes through different channels. Also, sometime there will be several middle people involved in the Onion Export.

Starting an Onion Export is relatively easy because the industry has reputed suppliers. If you need help beginning the Onion trading business, consult with an export-import consultation firm such as Impexperts.

Start your Onion Export business and enjoy steady growth. The consulting firm will assist you in making vital decisions in the early stage and keep your investment secure. The business’s chances of failure significantly drop when you have experts on your back to support you.

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