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How Can the Individual or Firm Begin Potato Export from India?

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The rising demand for Indian agricultural products has boosted the economy. Potato is the major farming product that has received extraordinary success recently. Potato Export from India was jumped to new heights in recent years. Figures of the export clearly show the international market is ready to purchase potatoes grown in India in massive quantities.

Rising demand has given birth to lucrative business opportunities for individuals and companies. You can generate lucrative profit by selling homegrown potatoes in the international market.

How to export potato from India, Before you involve in buying and selling, the government norms and policies must be fulfilled to become a trader. Companies involved in the trading process must be legally bound and certified to trade in the international market because he has to pay the duties and taxes applied to exporting the Potatoes from India.

How to Export Potato From India?

The first step in the process is the registration of the company. Exporters of Goods and Services must register their firms to qualify for exporting goods to the international market. Once you have registered your firm and collected the incorporation certification from the government, the next step is getting Import and Export code. The code allows you to trade in the international market.

Every time you decide to export the goods to the international market, you have to submit the IEC number to the customer to verify your authenticity. The company should provide quality to the global regulation. The IEC number ensures that the company is obligated for the trade and understands the necessary procedure.

Furthermore, the local tax registration number would require with the APEDA registration. These are the basic licenses you need to export the Potato or any other product in the international market.

You should be aware of what is happening within the country and the country where you are planning to export the product. You can reach the trade department or embassy in the country for any doubts. They will also support you in identifying the potential buyers who frequently buy the potatoes in the international market. Remember that the overseas market is diverse; thus, they operate differently. Also, geopolitics affects trade when new policies are introduced. Overnight restrictions could impact your shipment, and you may have to bear the loss.

The quality of the product is another factor that causes a difference in ideology. The buyer may not accept the product if the product doesn’t meet the quality guidelines. You should know what kind of product is accepted in the exporting country. Sending low-quality products would put you in trouble. Thus, do your research and set the parameters to export quality potato in India to the international market to avoid last moment rush.

Partner with the logistic company and suppliers who controls your goods in the international market. Shipping costs could affect the product price; thus, partnering with the logistic company would give you discounts on the number of shipments you order. Find a way to cut down the cost of shipping charges so that the profit margin could increase.

Export analysis of the Potato export from India.

Potato is widely used food in various recipes. Data clearly shows the consumption of the Potato is increased significantly. The demand is in an upward trend. Almost 142 countries and many territories are importing Potato from India. Export from India accounts for about 125.38 million dollars of trade. Therefore, the scope for growth in the Potato business is advancing.

India export potato to which country, Nepal, Thailand, the USA, Netherland, and the Philippines are the top five partners of India in Potato exports. The total combined export value of the Potato to these top five countries accounts for 75.47 USD million worth of trade annually. Nepal is the biggest importer of Indian grown Potato, which account for 36.71% percent of imports.

How to Start a Vegetable Export Business?

Who is the fresh brown potato exporter in India?

Fresh potato exporters in India take charge of the overall export of India and support the local farmers to get the right price for their grown products. Government initiatives to boost potato export have helped local traders to explore new regions and increase locally grown potatoes’ exports.

Community of the hundreds of Indian companies participating in the export of potato from India to foreign countries. Additionally, the government supports companies with no cap on the minimum export price so the trader can trade at the available market price and get the product shipped to the desired location. Here is the list of the top potato exporters from India.

  • S.K. International
  • S K Cold Storage
  • Jyoti Exports
  • M S International
  • N S Trading Company
  • Advait Agrotech Private Limited
  • Sudarshan Exports

Startup export businesses can think of entering the Potato Export from India to Dubai as it would be a perfect trade idea to enter the international market. An already established market gives you instant access to potential buyers. Start researching the available market, find the buyers, fix the deals, and export the goods to the destination. The export potato from India has a good reputation in the international market. Thus the buyers would show a positive response to your approach. It is easy to manage potato export compared to other products where laws on the products sale are strict. Inexperienced traders can start their journey with an easy-to-trade product.

India potato export would give you sufficient knowledge about how the trading works and the challenges you may have to face in the international market. Also, getting involved in the entire process will give you practice knowledge about trading.

You will understand how the legal formalities work, custom rules, news impact, a free trade agreement between two countries, and logistic services. Want to become a potato exporter from India, then Impexperts will assist you in the process. Reach us today for a free consultation. Experts will guide you and make your business shine in the trading market. Start shipping your first consignment within a month under expert guidance. Additionally, you will receive ongoing updates on the changes in the government policies, international news, and assistance on any matter during the trading.


What are the top export countries of Potato from India?

India is the largest exporter of potatoes to neighboring countries, including Nepal, Thailand & Philippines. Nepal is the biggest importer of potatoes from India. Other than that, the USA and Netherlands import potatoes in large quantities.

How much does India export potatoes?

As per the statics of the import and export data, in the fiscal year 2021 alone, the Indian potato export reaches over five billion Indian rupees. In the earlier year, the export was valued at over 5.8 billion rupees. The country has witnessed a rise in demand and positive export figures.

Which country eats the most potatoes per capita?

When comparing the consumption of potatoes in the region, Belarus ranked the highest consumption of potatoes per capita. Latvia and Kazakhstan is the second-highest consumer of potatoes. Ghana, the Central African Republic, and Sierra Leone are also listed as the world’s largest potatoes consumer. The rising population in the nation is also increasing the demand in this region. Indian exporters could target these countries and make the potatoes export lucrative business for their brand.

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