Start EXIM Business with Limited Capital Know How

Start EXIM Business with Limited Capital – Know How?

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Are you looking to start your EXIM Business with limited capital? If yes, then it is the right time to get aware of some of the basics and process to start your Import Export Business. Before starting any business in the world of import and export, one of the first things a person should do is thorough research of the international market with countries and their requirements which you can fulfill in time to earn more money. As we all know, supplying goods and services in the domestic market may seem an easy task, but in reality, repayment is one of the biggest issues in the domestic market.

Now, let us take a look at how much money is required to start an Import Export Business.

Start EXIM Business with Limited Capital


The very first step is the registration process which will allow you to start your EXIM Business. Registering a business helps a business partner, clients, or customers to show the authenticity of a business. First, a firm needs to get their company registered with a unique name and then it has to take an IEC, which is called as an Import Export Code. The cost to get an IEC is around Rs. 2500/-. Also, there are many import export consultants which will help you to register your firm into a Private Limited Company. It normally costs Rs.8000/-.

After getting the IEC, find a custom house agent (CHA). They will charge a nominal fee and will work for you in the custom house to get the Forex account and to execute the export order.

Decide Your Target Market and Products

The second step is to decide the countries where you have to export your products and also the countries from where you will be importing the products at cheaper prices. Thorough market research will help you to understand your capacity and money to be invested in the right place. Contact with various vendors, buyers, sellers, manufacturers, to get the desired products or services at an affordable rate.

Market Your Presence

To expand the presence, it is a must to visit as many exhibitions, trade shows, or fairs. This will help you to get a number of buyers and sellers from around the world. Also, it will help to market your company products toa number of buyers, which will open doors for your first sale. To get more buyers and sellers in EXIM Business, registering a company on Alibaba, Trade India or IndiaMart will help to get more leads from around the world.A yearly package would usually costof Rs. 45000/- to Rs. 50000/-

Who we are?

IMPEXPERTS are one of the perfect set of experts with set a goal, which not only help you to start your business with limited capital but also helps you to find the genuine buyer and seller to earn good profits. From helping you with the registration process, to easily market your company presence in front of the potential buyers, we are the one-stop solution and a reliable partner to get an easy, fast and convenient solution to all the queries related to an Import Export Business, or simply an EXIM Business.

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