Transportation method in EXIM industry

Choosing the best transportation method in EXIM industry

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International transportation is one of the most important things in the EXIM industry. Either you want to import goods or export goods, it is not possible without a transport facility or method. The entire world of import and export in India has a systematic transportation method like other countries for helping the EXIM business owners with ease of mobility of goods/products.

In EXIM Industry what are the modes of International Transportation?

Model of International Transportation

The transport for import export has a diversity of modes as stated above. All the modes have its operational and commercial characteristics to help the business owner with the import and export of the products/goods. So, the question is ‘How to choose the best method of transportation for the mobility of goods’? The answer is ‘it depends on the type/nature of the goods for helping it transport via desired speed and mode’.

International Transportation


International Transportation: When you do import and export in India

If you are an exporter of goods from India, and the goods that you export to other countries are perishable in nature, you need to choose the fastest mode of transport. The exporter has to make sure that the goods are transported in the speediest mode to the port, where the goods are going to be shipped to the importer’s country. Likewise, when you are importing goods from any country, depending upon the nature of the goods; one needs to decide the mode of international transportation.

Balancing cost, time & operations with transport for EXIM industry:

After selecting the appropriate mode of transportation depending upon the nature of the goods, the second most important things is ‘cost’. The company has to bear the cost for importing or exporting of the goods as per the agreement. In order to make sure the expenses are incurred low, the importer or the exporter chooses the cheapest transportation method. For the goods that are not perishable and/are heavy in nature can be easily sent via the budget constraint mode of international transportation.

Why is air transport the best transportation mode for import and export in India?

There are several benefits of sending/receiving goods through the air. The international trade has boosted since the airlines have involved in the quick delivery of goods from one country to another. For long distance deal, air travel works the best by delivering the goods in less time. Also, air transportation delivers high-level security to the products compared to other modes. The only thing that stops the EXIM business owner from choosing this mode is its high cost/charges. Also, at each airport, the EXIM business owner has to pay taxes for the transportation of the goods or products.

Sea route for heavy transportation for EXIM industry in India:

If there is no pressure of time or speed, the sea route is the best mode of transportation for the export import business owner in India or any other country. The ship has the capacity to hold both heavy and large quantity of goods from one place to another. The shipping containers are also helpful during the road or rail transportation in the domestic country. On the other hand, the sea route charges port taxes to the importer/exporter as per the agreement. We recommend general cargo insurance to the exporter/importer for the safety of goods.

Road transport for EXIM industry in India:

Road transportation is only helpful for internal transportation of goods or for the transportation of short distance places. It takes a lot of time for the goods to reach the desired destination and on the other hand, insurance is a must for this mode of International transportation. The good thing about road transport for export import is the privacy of the delivery and the low cost charges.

In short, as per the requirement and nature of the products or goods, the transportation mode can be selected by the EXIM business owner. Nevertheless, hiring an experienced Customs House Agent (CHA) always guide with the best mode of international transportation along with customs clearance for the import export entrepreneurs. Visit for more information.

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