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Coconut Import: Which country imports Coconut from India?

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Coconut Import has become a powerful sector in Asian countries. The report states 2.6 million tones of coconuts were imported by various countries in 2016. The numbers are rising yearly, which is a good sign for the Coconut producing countries like India.

The rising demand for coconut in the international market is helping developing countries in economic growth. The trend clearly shows the demand is going to rise in the future.

If we look at the value of Coconut Import by the top countries, Coconut Import reached $498 million in 2016.

Consistent increase in the Coconut production

The production and Coconut Import or coconut-based products have been remarkable in recent years. The retention of the growth rate for several decades has shown the market is consistently advancing, giving new businesses more opportunities to start the company in the sector.

Import-export agencies are leveraging the opportunity to export coconut into the international market. Starting trading of the coconut would be a good business for the agency.

Indian coconut producers are producing more than what we consume every year. Thus, exporting the excess amount of it would be a good option for the trading agencies in India.

Coconut Import

Coconut Import or Copra Import from India

Coconut Import from India has seen consistent growth in the recent year. The country is leveraging the high demand in the international market. Several verified coconut supplies have been established in India, pushing the Indian coconut business in front of global buyers.

Trading agencies that want to become global coconut sellers should connect with the Coconut supplier in India. The suppliers will offer you the best price deal on large orders. So look for the best offer from the local farmers and deliver it to your desired location.

The export numbers show that India is an influential player in the coconut supply. India exports about 40.73% of its Coconut production to Vietnam.

There are more than fifteen countries that are the biggest Coconut imports from India.

Here is the list of countries that do Coconut Import from India by percentage.

1) Viet Nam: 40.73%

2) Bangladesh: 20.16%

3) United Arab Emirates: 9.08%

4) Nepal: 6.05%

5) Saudi Arabia: 4.13%

6) USA: 2.58%

7) Cambodia: 2.34%

8) Qatar: 2.25%

9) Myanmar: 1.16%

10) Kuwait: 1.14%

List of Top Import Export Business Products


India and Viet Nam share a great collaboration in Coconut export. India is the top exporter of Coconut to Viet Nam. The export of coconut has reached 55.88 million dollars. The export numbers are rising yearly, giving the local farmers more opportunities.

Indian Traders are consistently in search of new opportunities in developed countries. The good thing is that Indian coconut production has been consistent throughout the decade.

Moreover, the weather condition of South India is helping the producer to enjoy steady growth in coconut production. A large number of the population of India is involved in business.

Besides that, the organic farming of coconut is another good reason countries are looking for an export partnership with India. The trust in the Indian farming process has attracted global importers to the country.

Domestic suppliers are helping local traders in exporting high-quality coconuts to other countries. If you are into the import-export business, then coconut export could be a good product you can think of exporting to another country. The margin on exporting the coconut is comparatively high; thus, you will generate a good profit from the business.

Government initiative

India is going to lead the export of coconut in the global market. The Indian government has taken several initiatives to increase exports beyond the steady growth rate. Additionally, the government is ensuring the product supply from the farm to the customer is the shortest possible route so that the exporter will get a competitive advantage.

The sectors that are profitable drive more businesses and gives boost the economy of the country. Also, the government incentivizes the companies to support the local players to export more and earn good profits. The ultimate goal of all the efforts is to bring everyone on the same platform and grow faster.

India is known as the top agricultural product exporter in the world. Coconut production in India is growing as the demand for the product is rising. We will see more farmers joining the sectors as the coconut needs will grow in the coming years.

Basic Import Export Process


It is an excellent opportunity for trading companies to generate a good profit from trading coconut in the highly demanded market. Connect with the supplier and develop the customer base to sell the coconut.

If you need an assistant to start trading coconut, you can take the help of the expert at the Impexperts. The professional help will make it easy to enter the new sector and enjoy steady growth in the business.

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