Digital Commerce and Import Export Business

Digital Commerce and Import Export Business, a blend of success and growth

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An import export business is one of the rising industries in India. Since the rule of the NDA government, the import-export sector has gained tremendous success and growth. Many factors are directly or indirectly related to the success of this field, and two of them are digital marketing and eCommerce.

Since the last few years, the eCommerce segment has entered in the import export field, and the business owners have gained tremendous response from the same. Amazon and Alibaba are the best examples of eCommerce for the import export business.

Digital Commerce and Import Export Business
Digital Commerce and Import Export Business, a blend of success and growth

Import Export Business & Digital Commerce

The process to start an export import business begins with the registration of license or code. Likewise, the import export digital business set-up is also initiated with the registration of a website. Your website plays an important role in digital commerce and set-up as it is your online store for helping your customers to contact you regarding the products that you are importing or exporting.


A digital store is a secret of making money online

Being an importer or an exporter will make you go through the process of contacting the buyer or the supplier. Likewise, when you are an exporter of a certain product in India; you must have set some best products in your mind that you would wish to export in the different countries. When you create a digital presence through the website for exporting your product, you get more attention from the buyers and visitors. Online business is all about doing business crossing the boundaries.


Wondering, why does your import export business need a website for more sales and profit? Here are digital data and its annual growth in the year 2019.


Figure 1 Source:

Growing import export business through digital commerce

There are infinite ways to grow your business, and one of the easiest and subtle ways is taking your business to the digital world. Even all the export promotional councils and other government bodies that help import export business in India are using the digital platform to reach the EXIM entrepreneurs across the globe. It is indeed the best way to make your business reach global heights in a very minimal budget.


The importance of having a ‘website’ for the EXIM industry:

  • Your website is your brand replica
  • Your website states your brand’s motto, vision and goals.
  • Your website shares the contact details for helping your keen visitors to reach you.
  • Your website displays the products or services that you are interested in buying or selling.
  • Your website is the best way to depict your professional journey or portfolio.
  • Your website helps in gaining the trust of your client as your business is displayed with transparency online.
  • Your website helps your client to know you before he/she reaches you personally.


Figure 2 Source


Social media marketing: How import export business owners can use it well?

Apart from website presence, social media marketing also proves to be one of the top players in the digital world. Using the social media presence, you can always increase your online visibility and can give your followers a platform to know about the daily updates and news. Undoubtedly, we all use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat to stay in touch with our friends, family and followers. How about using them for your professional growth and success?


Here are the 2019 Facebook benchmarks for our readers.


Figure 3 Source:

The current data states An average Whatsapp user logins on the app for 23 times a day.  Whatsapp marketing is also famous for increasing your audience across India. People use the Whatsapp status feature to help people know about their current job, profession, business, service or mood. This is indeed a stronger growing platform for doing social media marketing of your import export business in India.


Figure 4


How SEO benefits your Import Export Brand?

If you want traffic on your import export website, you need to do SEO of your website. SEO is known as ‘search engine optimization’ that helps to increase the visibility of your websites on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. With the help of SEO, your website can enhance its visibility, and this automatically generates traffic that is leading. The leads generated from the SEO can be successfully converted into customers using your immediate response and approach.


Figure 5 Source:


Impexperts, the world of import export is always keeping pace with the technology and the latest updates. We believe that it is a must to keep your company digitally active for gaining maximum attention and leads from the customers. In the import export business, the clients might search you from any corner of the world. In this particular scenario, having a website adds charm to your business as your website visitors find it easy to connect you while reading your brand information online.


How Impexperts help to encourage your business with digital commerce?

Impexperts have six weeks of import export training program to offer to the students or the keen EXIM entrepreneurs. This program includes basic knowledge as well as the documentation process that helps a person to learn about the EXIM business procedure from scratch. Also, in our business service and set-up session, we help candidates to gain practical trade exposure by offering the first free trade service.

Furthermore, we always help our import export entrepreneurs to have their website by looking after their digital set-up and marketing. Impexperts have a digital team that takes care of your website design and development, content writing and marketing and digital media marketing for helping your business to gain 100% exposure from around the globe.

From the process of registering an IEC to finding buyers and suppliers or helping with the product selection process and logistics department; Impexperts have their expertise in all the fields and segment. We make sure your business doesn’t go offline and hence, we make sure your business has its website and online presence for better visibility and growth.

Recently, we have been hearing from the government bodies and ministers too about the globalisation and eCommerce benefits to the import export business in India. The elected NDA government once again will be boosting the EXIM sector with more support and dedication.

Are you still having any doubts regarding the benefits of digital commerce in import export business? Please call on +91 9211066888 for more information or write us your comments or queries in the comment section.

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