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How BJP’s 2.0 Government will benefit Import Export Business Owners in the near future?

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Before we start our blog, we would like to congratulate the BJP team, workers and leaders along with our honourable Prime Minister, Mr Modi for the massive and historic victory in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. We at Impexperts are happy to see the constant change in the different business segments of India for a better India and we wish to see more good entitlements in the coming years.


How will BJP Govt benefit Import Export Business?

Since the last five years, the time since BJP is ruling our nation, we have observed a constant increase in the export import share of the country and have been also observing at the efforts that Mr Modi is implementing for increasing the Indian exports. The return of NDA as the Indian central government is going to benefit many business segments including Banking, Construction, Import-Export, infrastructure and agriculture.


The target set by Mr Modi, which will benefit import export business in India

India is already working on its target to increase the export services sector with 4.2% in the global market by 2022. With the help of international exhibitions and fairs, the country is moving ahead from the trade relationships to the long-term partnerships.


“Trade is about strategic partnerships. In this changing world trade, we need to find new edifice of strategic relationships,” Suresh Prabhu, Commerce and Industry Minister, said Saturday at the Global Business Summit, organised by The Economic Times. 
Source: Economic Times

Foreign Trade Data 18-19


As an Indian exporter, you can get a lot of support and development from the government export councils and bodies. They will be happy to promote Indian products with the right quality in the International market thereby enhancing the value and growth of the country. Mr Prabhu has clearly stated in his interview that currently, India is focussing the export growth through geography and product-specific matrix.

To benefit import export business owners and the overall global community, the ministry of commerce and industry has set a dedicated fund of 5000 crore for its top twelve champion import export segments. These segments include information and technology, IT-enabled services, travel and tourism, hospitality, medical value travel, accounting and finance, transportation and logistics, audiovisual, construction and engineering, financial services, environmental services and education.

Mr Prabhu has further promised that the services sector will grow despite disturbing or hampering the growth of the manufacturing and agriculture industry. It will benefit import export industry overall.


How EXIM startups will benefit from BJP 2.0?

With a strong and a stable government, the Indian government is sure to welcome more startups as suggested by the Honorable Prime Minister. This will benefit import export business startups on a large scale too. In order to start your import export business in India, you must recognise the opportunities that the government is throwing back. This is the right time to invest in the import export business, know how?


The government bodies associated with the import export industry are always supportive of the development of the export share of our country in the global world. When you have a product to export from India, you can always take the risk in starting your import export business. We at Impexperts have trained EXIM faculties that is responsible for the growth and development of the keen EXIM entrepreneurs in India. With our branches in all the major cities of the country, we schedule 6 weeks EXIM training program to train with import export knowledge for both business and trade.


To gain complete knowledge about how the new government policies will benefit import export business owners in India, please visit our or Call on +91 9211066888.

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