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How to Get Export Orders Abroad and How to Fulfill Them?

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Export Business is one of the most profitable businesses and an easy way which opens the doors of opportunity for export orders abroad to earn good margins on each product’s value. The export-import business is not a new term in the market; it was being carried out for centuries when merchants from one country travel to neighbouring to sell their goods at a high profit and buy the material of that place at a low price to sell at a good price in their country. In, a similar way, the international market has seen rapid growth in recent years with the emergence of the internet and government initiatives to do import and export.

Technology has made the world a small place and has helped small businesses to get an easy entry into the international market. The exposure in the international sale and purchase seems to be a good way perform a business, but getting good Export Orders and sealing the new deal with the foreign manufacturers or suppliers is not an easy task to do so until and unless you are prepared fully with your business forecasting skills.

So, to get your first Export Orders Abroad, here are few of the important things to remember for easy entry in the foreign market and get your money transferred into your company’s account with a high-profit margin easily.


1. Research Your Market Well

The process of buying and selling in the international market is not a simple game; rather it requires thorough research about your products and the requirement of the target market in a perfect way for a smooth business plan. Thus, gather ample of knowledge by researching about the product you want to sell in the foreign market. Many countries have restricted some goods and services from some countries, make sure to read about these countries import-export policies about a particular product before supplying the same to them.


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2. Make Contact with International Clients/ Customers

A successful Export Business needs healthy contact with various person sitting abroad to get your products exported easily and in a hassle-free manner. There are several ways to connect with the right buyer in a foreign country whom you can trust and sell the material to them without much worry. Here are some of the easy tips to connect with the companies, their owners or the purchasing executive for an ease in the business and to get the Export Orders Abroad.


A) Make Use of the Internet

Today the internet has opened an easy path to connect with your buyers/ purchasers/ Distributors and Channel Partners, which is helping a small, medium and large-scale enterprises to find the right person or company which can match their requirements. Make use of the internet and grab the opportunity by selling your goods and services in the foreign market.


B) Use of Social Media as a Strong Tool

Earlier, doing an export-import business was considered to be the tough process to perform and only the already successful companies were able to sell their product at a good margin or import the material for selling in the domestic market at a high profit. But, the rise of social media has helped every individual to meet the like-minded business people easily, which has become one of the best methods to hit the right market, with the right people, at the right place.

Many social engines such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., are the platforms which can be used to connect with the people or companies, no matter what the size is, you can always display the products and export the same in any country at a higher profit margin.


C) Getting Export Business Through the eCommerce Website

Nowadays, various online buy and sell portals like Amazon, IndiaMart,,, and many other online websites are helping millions of people to easily get their demands fulfilled of selling and purchasing a particular product in the international market. You can even find many companies showcasing their products or services to contact them directly by emailing them easily. Thus, these websites are a great source to capture the market without much effort.


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3. Taking Part in World Expo / Exhibitions

Whether you are a start-up or an existing business owner, getting the Export Orders is not an easy task. Multiple efforts, smart and hard work with quality products meeting the demand of a particular market is the key to get the Export Orders Abroad every time. Apart from these criteria, one must always visit exhibitions regularly to meet new buyers and sellers from different countries to seal the deal by direct meetings.

For this, you can either register your booth or display the products to help other visitors to take a look at the products you manufacture or supply. Taking booth or stall is expensive as each has its measurement and price. Another way is to visit these international fairs and meet different people with the same interest.

It will not only open the doors to sell your products in the export market but also opens new opportunities as well.


4. Registrations and Documentations are a Must

Do you have your company registered or have you taken your IE Code yet? As you have already made plans to start your Export Business and shortlisted your target product, researched the market and made new contacts at the national as well as at the international level. Well, you need to get your import export code, i.e., IE Code and the next thing are the RCMC certificate, called as the Registration cum Membership Certificate. After taking the IE code and fulfilling other documents, you are now ready to buy or sell products and services in the foreign market.


5. Select the Right Customs Agent, Logistics Company and the Export Promotion Agency

For easy access to the international market, selecting the experienced Customs agent is very important. Many professional Customs agents are there, but they might make you lose money from your pocket. Explore the market well and get recommendations from your buyer or friend to suggest the right agent. Similarly, make sure to find the right logistics and shipping company who can easily transport your material with safety by air, ship or rail.

Export promotion agency will let you get an insight of the current market scenario and helps you in promoting the products and your Export Business in an easier way which will enable you to earn more profits by targeting the right customer.


6. Know the Risks Involved

Export-import business brings money into your bank account easily with higher profits, but it is important to study the risks involved in it. A thorough rise and fall in the prices must be taken into consideration to be on the safer side. Secondly, be aware of the products which can be exported from your country and the products which are allowed in the targeted countries.

These are just a few basic things which will help you in getting the Export Orders Abroad, but to be a leading supplier in the foreign market, hard work and consistency is a must to meet the market requirement on-time.


So, what are you waiting for? Start your first supply in the international market and follow the basic rules mentioned above to fulfil the orders easily. For more details, call on +91 9211066888.

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