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Dubai’s export business is one of the best ventures to consider if you are planning to start or expand your import-export business. 

In this article, we will spell out what products can be Export to Dubai From India, how to start an export business from India to Dubai, how to Export to Dubai From India, India to Dubai export items list, how to export from India, the procedure for Export to Dubai From India, and what are the formalities involved when exporting to Dubai. Without any further ado, let us get into the article.

Export in Dubai 

Over the years, Dubai may have adopted an extravagant lifestyle, but it remains a significant market and gateway for a broad spectrum of Indian companies. Because of its free trade environment, the Dubai export market has become very competitive in many sectors. It demands hard work and creative marketing ideas to introduce products into such a highly competitive market.

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Moreover, the UAE is a part of the World Trade Organization, and for about 32 nations around the world; the Emirates are a significant trading partner. The primary export commodities are natural gas and crude oil, as well as food and re-exported products. Besides these, Dubai’s major exports include metals such as aluminum or copper, where Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, and Iran are the primary export partners.

How to Start Export Business From India to Dubai

If you are wondering how to start a business  From India to Dubai, it is a really good opportunity as we all know, the UAE is globally renowned for many things like wealth, oil wells, skyscrapers, 7-star hotels, buzzing business districts, and vast deserts. But above all, one thing attracts envious glimpses from around the world–its strategic location.

Moreover, if you are planning to start an import export business in the UAE, it’s the best decision ever as it is not only ideally placed to do business with both established and emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, but with two-thirds of the world’s population within an eight-hour flight, it is the perfect place from which to trade across the globe. Only extensive highway, sea, and air connections reinforce this stance: the UAE is home to some of the busiest runways and docks in the world.

Of course, this infrastructure, together with the position of the UAE at the intersection of busy trade paths between Europe, China, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area, makes it extremely popular with import-export businesses.

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Export to Dubai From India

Here is the list of export items from Dubai to India. The export of Dubai comprises heavy oil and gas, including metals. If you are thinking about what Dubai imports from India then we would like to tell you that most of Dubai’s export products were previously imported from India or other countries in Asia or Africa. Local businesses are processing after being introduced into Dubai and products will then be re-exported at significantly higher rates.

There are many people wondering what Dubai imports from India and searching for a Dubai import products list from India. So, we have decided to provide it with the best accuracy possible. Some of the highest searches people do about Dubai exports are the best export business from India to Dubai how to export garments from India to Dubai, export charges from India to Dubai, export cost from India to Dubai, or how to export clothes from India to Dubai, so we can gauge how big garment exports are a profitable business. And we can clearly see that clothing is a highly popular item India exports to Dubai. 

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Here is Dubai export products list 

This section demonstrates the list of export items from India to Dubai. If you are wondering what can I Export to Dubai From India, then you have got your answer. These items are highly profitable to export to the UAE from India. By looking at these export products from India to Dubai, you will get a clear idea about what to and how to export from India to Dubai. So, let’s quickly have a look at the best products to Export to Dubai From India:  

These are also the most products exported From India to Dubai: 

Articles of apparel and clothing

Pieces of iron or steel


Petroleum products

Nuts and edible products

Diamonds and precious metals

Electrical machinery and equipment

Food products like rice export from India to Dubai and seafood.

Machinery and mechanical appliances

Mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products for their distillation

Natural or cultured pearls

Nuclear reactors

Organic chemicals

Ships, boats, and floating structures

Telephone sets

As we know that Dubai is mainly into the re-export business and its imports reflect its exports. This means India stands a high chance of expanding its export business to the UAE and can come out as a strong and competitive import-export market around the globe. There are many things that import or Export to Dubai From India and give it an exceptional opportunity to expand its import-export business. 

 If you are wondering how to get an import export license in UAE, here is the process. 

Here is the list of procedures for Export to Dubai From India

  • Apply for Trade License

A business trade license is obligatory for every business entity that is planning to start an export-import business in Dubai. So before anything else, you need to first register to the import-export company in Dubai and predominantly apply for a trade license with the Department of Economic Development (DED).

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Submit the company registration papers to the Department of Economic Development

Notarize the memorandum of association of the company.

Submit the required papers and complete the formalities with DED

Pay the fees. (the fees structure may vary for different business set-ups)

  • Rent a warehouse

You need to have a real presence in the import and export business in Dubai, which implies you will have to rent an office room or warehouse to load your imports or exports. The DED and the Municipality of Dubai also propose specific standards based on the commodities that you import or Export to Dubai From India. Renting takes place during the application phase of the trade license, and the trade license for import and export companies in Dubai is given after the rental papers have been submitted.

India exports imports



  • Documents Required

Certificate of origin

Commercial invoice from an exporter addressed to the importer

Bill of Entry or Airway Bill

Detailed packing list

Pro Forma invoice and contract of sales-purchase

A sales purchase contract between exporter and exporters.

Export-related documents.

Temporary shipment documents.

Other certificates for shipment of specific goods.

For food products, the following certificates are required together with the above:

Original health certificate was given in the exporting nation by the relevant government agency attesting to the health of the product for human consumption

Original Halal slaughter certificate for meat and poultry products

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All UAE imports from India, except for food, require document “legalization.”

This is a two-step rule:

  1. The exclusive Verification Agent of the UAE Embassy must approve documents.
  2. Papers must be sanctioned by the UAE Embassy upon completion of the verification process for a fee.

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  • Dubai Trade and Custom

Dubai Trade Customs play a very significant role, and from the initial point, you have to take the processes into account. If you are intending to begin an import and export business in Dubai, listing with the Dubai Customs needs to be done. Online listing with Dubai Customs is available, but documentation and paperwork related to the commodities and products that you would import and export will have to be shown

  • Other Factors

There are other considerations to consider when beginning a Dubai import and export business. Such as receiving quotes from the Dubai Chambers of Commerce; planning the product’s distribution and warehousing; finalizing the freight brokerage service provider or working with a Dubai import export business agent–there are several stakeholders engaged and guided growth is recommended.

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