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Is India Becoming an Exporter of the EVM Machines?

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With election fever, every corner of India, one of the hottest topics going on is about the use of EVM’s. Also, its demand has increased across the globe and at the same time is profitable to generate revenues for an Import Export Business. Let us have a look at the EVM, its manufacturers, and the countries where Indian companies export EVM machines.

But first, let us know what an EVM is?

An electronic voting machine, more commonly called as an EVM is a device which a voter uses to cast his vote to his favored party which is contesting in the election. It is an alternative to the ballot paper which was used in India to cast a vote during elections. The 2018 state elections held in five states of India were done making the use of EVM’s.


Where it is manufactured?

In India, electronic voting machines were first designed in the supervision of Mr. Rangarajan, who was an engineer at Bharat Electronics Limited. It is run by a 6-volt alkaline battery which is manufactured by Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore. EVM export has seen a sudden rise in its Import Export Business, with many foreign countries showing interest in Indian manufactured electronic voting machines (EVM).

Where it is exported?

With countries looking forward to making their vote counts during the elections using the electronic voting machines, there are several countries which are currently using the Indian manufactured EVM’s in their elections to cast votes and for easy counting of the final results. Namibia, Fiji, Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya are some of the countries where EVM export is done from India. In 2014 itself, Namibia acquired the EVM’s made from Bharat Electronics Limited to their country, with 1700 control units and 3500 ballot units during their presidential elections.

Demands of Indian made EVM?

As EVM has an advantage over a ballot paper counting system, it saves time and millions of papers as well. The Import Export Business has seen a considerable rise and many countries have opted for electronic voting systems to count their votes during elections, where the high population is a big issue. At the same time, the demands of electronic voting machines are increasing day by day, as many countries find its importance and want to implement the use of these EVM at their constituencies so that people can easily cast their vote, in a matter of time with fast counting as well.

Botswana is one of the recent countries to use electronic voting machines (EVM) manufactured in India during their upcoming 2019 elections which are going to held in October. This rise in demands for the EVM will definitely make India as the largest exporter of EVM machines in the coming years.

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