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The Best Products to Export From India to Australia

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India and Australia have had a strong relationship for centuries, and both countries depend on each other for different goods and services. The trading relationship between these two countries has always been growing, and it is one of the best times in history, with trade reaching about 20 billion Australian dollars in the last few years.

Export From India to Australia increased greatly during 2000-2001, when they were only around 400 million dollars, compared to 4.363 billion Australian dollars presently. According to different thoughts and analyses by Australian economists and analysts, India has enormous resources. Therefore, exports are growing at a beneficial rate to both markets.

Suppose you are an entrepreneur in India or Australia analyzing trading with the Australian/Indian market. And thinking What can I export from India to Australia? In that case, you must first determine what products are in demand for export from India to Australia. This article is for those looking for goods exported from India to Australia as an exporter or trying to establish themselves as an importer in Australia and find opportunities in the Australian market.

Best Products to Import from India to Australia And How to Export to India

Here is the list of products Australia imports from India:

  • Textiles and Clothing

India is a land of fabrics, and there are many different types of lovely fabrics to be found here. Clothing and textiles have a special bond in this area. Therefore, you can concentrate on this category and grow as an exporter to foreign lands, particularly Australia, where our fabrics are preferred. Beddings, homeware products, and industrial supplies are the most popular items imported from India in Australia. You can start manufacturing and exporting on a modest scale at first if you understand fabric and garment designs, but once you’ve captured the market, you can grow.

  • Jewelry and Gems

Jewelry has always been seen as an integral part of Indian culture, and therefore, we have vast resources of precious stones and gems that are not only in high demand but also in short supply. Unique or rare stones, diamonds, gold jewelry, and remarkable silver jewelry designs are some of the most popular items for export from India to Australia. So, if you have a comprehensive knowledge of this market, you may make good money because supply and demand will support your business.

  • Food Products

You are on the right track if you’re thinking of major exports from India. Indian spices are another culinary product you might focus on for shipping from India to Australia. If you buy in bulk in India because the pricing is much lower than in Australia, you can sell these things in Australia at much greater prices. Especially if you’re thinking about supplying tea, Indian tea is well-known worldwide, including in Australia, where demand is unparalleled, preparing the ground for a successful exporting business.

  • Leather Items For Fashion And Sportswear

In the leather, leather products, footwear, and travel goods industry, exports to Australia from India have increased to A$ 55.9 million in 2021, up from A$ 54.8 million the previous year. Exports of leather climbed to A$ 7.5 million in 2021, up from A$ 5.6 million the year before.

Leather footwear, fashion items, accessories, and various sports items are in high demand in the Australian market from Indian sellers. Luggage, travel bags, and other products are also on the list that makes up the need for Indian leather in Australia. The leather industry has been considered profitable and risky if not handled with legal permission.

  • Software Services

It is another popular item which is the best for India export to Australia. India’s information technology and software services are among the lowest in Europe, so Indian exports to Australia or around the globe, with Australia becoming the leading contender. With a few staff and contacts in Australia, you can start a software or IT firm and give various support and other services to their corporate units.

Last Words

So are you ready to export to India from Australia? This profitable product list will help export items from India to Australia. So before starting exporting and choosing any product, collect the complete information about the product. Get in touch with our IMPEXPERTS team today by filling in the contact form.


What does India export? 

In recent years, India has mainly exported pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, and jewelry; mineral fuels, oils and waxes, and bituminous substances; vehicles, parts, and accessories for nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, and mechanical appliances; and vehicles, parts, and accessories for nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, and mechanical appliances.

What is the reason India is important for Australia?

The first reason is Indian products demand in Australia. India continues to be Australia’s most important supplier of skilled migrants and overseas students. Our fastest-growing religion is Hinduism, and our fastest-growing language is Punjabi. Australia’s foreign and commercial policy interests with India are also supported through the Australia-India Council (AIC).

Is India dependent on Australia?

India is Australia’s fifth-largest export market and seventh-largest trading partner. Coal, copper, and gold are key exports to India, while refined petroleum, pearls and stones, and pharmaceuticals are major imports.

What are the profitable products exported to Australia from India?

Agricultural products, jewels, pearls, jewelry, engineering goods and production, leather, leather goods, footwear, travel goods, textile, apparel, make-up, and chemicals and by-products were among the top products in India exports to Australia.

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