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Top 5 Indian Export Products

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Many people are benefiting from the rising demands for Indian export products in the international market. As the demand for Indian products is increasing, it is helping the exporting companies. Recently, export items from India have seen exponential growth. Export items are chosen based on the need in the foreign market and made available by the export company to send abroad.

Export products from India can be delivered efficiently with shipping services. India exports fruits, vegetables, electronics, leather goods, organic and inorganic chemicals, and minerals, to name a few, from a large number of products. Export goods from India are considered of the highest quality. The international market sshas a high demand for organically produced foods. India is the leading supplier of agricultural products in the world.

There are many countries around the world that are buying the Indian Export Product in bulk quantities as they get them at a relatively lower price than what they are getting from the European markets. Export items in India, giving tough competition to European markets. The Indian export items are getting more attention in the international market due to their quality and reliable services. The global market can rely on these daily use agriculture products exported from India.

Besides that, India’s export items move through a free trade agreement between several countries. Therefore, exporting things in India are becoming easier for the local players. They can quickly build business ties with foreign companies and send the goods from India to the destination country without restrictions.

Starting an import-export business is one of the best ways to earn huge profits on export products as it requires less documentation and sound market research to find your customer for selling your products. There are loads of opportunities for India to export products to try their hand at supplying them to the foreign market.

So, if you have an existing business in your domestic market or want to start an international trade with export products in India, there are several exporting products from India. Export Indian products to different countries to earn great revenue through the process. Here are the 5 top Indian Export Products which can help an individual to make a new market presence, not only in India but abroad as well.

Top 5 Indian Export Products


Learn what items India export to foreign countries. Upgrade your knowledge to become a master in the export and import business. The list of products exported from India consists of an extensive list, but in this article, we are going to look top 5 export products of India with high demand.


Agriculture Exports from India :

Agriculture products are one of the most exported items from India. It is because the geographical and climatic conditions of India make it easier for vegetation to grow on its land. India is the largest producer of okra and ginger, followed by onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, and bananas, to name a few. The Indian exports products are sent abroad in different container ships.

Apart from vegetables, India produces top-quality fruits. Here is a list of a few Indian Export Products, when it comes to fruits:

  • Mangoes and guavas constitute over 40.0% of production as a major export product.
  • India ranks first in the production of bananas with 25.7% annual productivity.


Leather Products :

There is no denying that people around the world are so fond of using leather articles in their daily life, be it flaunting a new style with new leather bags, purses, wallets, belts, and other accessories or industries providing leather safety shoes to their employers. These leather items are in huge demand and can be easily available from Tanneries in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Leather goods exporter in India is taking care of the international consumers by offering them high-quality products. There are various exporting items from India that receives a fantastic response from the different parts of eastern countries. The government also gives drawbacks when you ship leather goods from India to the foreign market.

Chemicals :

Due to rich mineral resources, when it comes to items India exports, it exports products like petroleum, minerals, textiles (which account for a total of 15% of export to foreign markets), mineral waxes, bituminous substances, etc. Export things from India are widely comprised of raw materials, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and rare earth minerals.

Pearls :

India is known for its precious metal export and jewelry. Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, jewelry, and metals are also the product ranges we have kept in the list as the top Indian Export Products, This list of products India exports 13.8% of the total market share. Indian export products list is incomplete without the precious metal.

Cereals :

In the year 2017-2018, the export of cereals in India showed 34.4% growth as compared to the 2016-2017 commodity survey.

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How to export leather from India?

The ideal way is to find potential customers in the international market. Before you start selling, you have to register your company to quality for exporting products. Get the registration number, Import export certificate, authenticate your business for the customs clearance, and then you are ready to promote your products.

Check the demand and start exporting the products from India. Export items of India go through a series of checks, so ensure that you are getting the necessary approval from the government of India. Without government certification, you cannot transport any product to other countries.

Now you know the best product to export from India. Start researching to find the customers and join the export business of these top file highly lucrative business opportunities. India export products list is quite extensive; thus, you will easily find the product in high demand. Do your research to learn more about India main export products. From your research data, you can find the best products to export from India.

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